Welcome to the 2000's

Bruno the Miniature Pinscher Many of you know that I am originally from the Chicago area and one of my good friends owns a doggy daycare just outside Chicago.  Surprisingly Pampered Pooch Playground is very similar to their daycare.  This past week, they just turned on their webcams so customers can watch their dogs play!  Over the past few weeks I remotely configured the webcams for them so they would stream.  If you want to check them out, just click here.  Funny, the cameras look the same as the Pampered Pooch Playground webcams.

Have a great day!


Bruno and Cyrus

miniature pincherCan you tell which Miniature Pincher is Bruno and which one is Cyrus?   Cyrus is on the left and Bruno is on the right.  Bruno has been taking private training lessons with Heather, and Cyrus belongs to Melissa, one of our employees.  Bruno was one of the reasons that Melissa wanted to get a Miniature Pincher!! Both dogs enjoy going to doggy daycare and hanging out together!!  Bruno can normally be seen wearing a black sweater/turtle neck and Cyrus loves to wear his "referee shirt". Have a good night!