Simon outside at doggy daycare in St Louis Park,mnSimon the bulldog is one of the regular faces at doggy daycare because he comes everyday.  Trycia has officially spoiled Simon, because she gave him a treat one morning in our prep area and now he sits and waits for that treat every time he comes to play with all of his daycare friends.  Simon goes in all the rooms, but really prefers the beds in the Canine Cove to relax on and he really loves sitting outside in the sun! Have a great night!



When will the warm weather be here?

isabelle outside at doggy daycare Seriously, the weather keeps messing with us... Maybe one day, it will warm up and we can start playing with the hose and pools outside with all of the dogs.  I predict that by August, it might actually be spring!  OK, I should not be complaining about the weather on our blog, but oh well... Keepin' it real :)

Even when the weather is shotty, we still take the dogs outside often, but when it is nice, our huge outside area takes on a whole new feel.. It turns more into a doggy water park.

Have a good night.



Big Dog.. Little Bed...

Simon the Bulldog Yesterday we announced to everyone that we will be creating a new play area!  We are so very excited for this and know that it will help to allow a few more dogs in each day and it will help with our "waiting list" problem.  Over the past 2 months Trycia and I have been looking for ways that we can SAFELY handle a few more dogs, while keeping our fun and laid back feeling.  We never want to be a HUGE daycare where the dogs are wild and crazy all the time.  The construction has begun and should be completed next week!  We are so excited and now are busy working on the name of the room.  I keep joking that I want to sell the naming rights!

Have a great day!


A Sunny Week

Here is one of my favorite pictures from the past week at doggy daycare.  Simon the bulldog loves to lay outside in the sun.  Last Friday we were putting together something new for the outside area, and there was Simon watching our every move.  He will be really excited with what we have planned for our outside area.  Next Sunday (weather permitting) everything will begin!  You want to know what is going on??? We will be the first doggy daycare in the Twin Cities to use recycled sports turf in the outside area.  The gravel will be covered with some of the University of Arazona turf (who knows there might be a 50 yard line somewhere).  We are really excited for this, and it is just another way that we try to be green!

Who is the smartest dog?

photoToday we decided that we should move nap time outside.  Simon the bulldog was the first to lay down, and then everyone else just followed him.  I really do love our group nap times. Trycia and I we were talking with Ash, one of our managers about which breed of dog is smartest.  This got me thinking and I really wanted to know, so thanks to Google, we now know who is the smartest.  We found a top 10 list, and I am not sure if it is right on, but it still makes for some good reading.

Tami our newest addition to the spa had her first day today!  She is great and we are so glad to have her working with us.  We now offer grooming for anyone who wants it (before, it was just for the daycare and hotel dogs).  Both Tami and Jenny are amazing groomers.

Have a good night.