Dog Webcam Fun

dog daycare webcam pictureLast week I ordered a camera that we can put around one of our daycare dogs necks and it captures what they see.  We tried this yesterday with Camielle who is one of the Boxers that comes to daycare.  It captured a picture every 3 minutes and most of them were blurry, but this one was kinda cool.  It is just interesting to see daycare as the dogs see it. We are going to play with it a little more and hopefully get some more cool pictures. Have a great day!


The "Ruff House" cools off!

Today, one of our employees went home sick so I spent about 5 hours in with the big dogs in the Ruff House.  Most of the LOVE playing with the water and we played with the water for about an hour straight today until it started to heat up outside and everyone wanted to run back into the AC!  Can you imagine how messy our outside area would be if we had real grass rather than the recycled turf that is down! Camielle is one of the boxers who LOVES, LOVES, LOVES the water! Have a great night!