canine cove

The New Canine Cove and Training Room

dog daycare in minneapolis, mn Over the past few weeks you might have noticed some construction going on at the doggy daycare... Well we are happy to announce that the Canine Cove, Luxury Suites and Training Room have a fresh new look.  All these rooms got a brand new floor installed.  We are also updating a few of the luxury suites (details on this very soon).  Keeping Pampered Pooch Playground looking fresh, clean and up to our high standards is a tough process and we work very hard to make this happen everyday.  The small dogs LOVE the brand new rubber floor that has been installed in the Canine Cove.

Look for the details of the luxury suites very soon when they are completed later this week.

Have a great night.



More PPP Upgrades

As some of you might have noticed, "something has been going on in the Ruff House".... Over the past few weeks, we have been gradually upgrading our HVAC system for the play areas.  Most of the work has been completed in the morning, and during that time, we are able to move dogs into other rooms, or use our outside area so that they are not in the way.  Fresh, purified air is very important when running a dog daycare (many places never do this), and our old unit was doing pretty good, but it was running on it's "last legs".... So rather than waiting for something to break, we take the pro-active approach and do a complete upgrade.  While many of our 2 legged customers will never notice any change, all of our 4 legged customers will be very excited for a more efficient system that can switch over the air in the room about 8 times per hour (industry standard is about 3 times per hour).  Tomorrow is the big day when we get to flip the switch on the new unit... Like always, construction is never easy to do, and our #1 goal is always to make sure all the dogs are safe and out of the way when they are working.  I will give you all the details on the new system soon after we get to turn it on.

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Our New Service

minneapolis,mn baby daycare Please note that we posted this on April Fools Day.....

Starting Monday, April 9th, Pampered Pooch Playground will expand and begin offering baby daycare in our canine cove.  But, this is no typical baby daycare, they will be interacting with the dogs in the canine cove.  What can be better than 10 dogs and 10 babies all having fun in the same room.  We will be lowering the webcams so you can see the happy expressions on all the babies faces when they are crawling around with all the dogs.  Once a baby reaches 1 year old they will be able to interact with the dogs in the Ruff House.  One final change will be our name... It will now become "Pampered Pooch and Baby Playground".  Prices for baby daycare will be the same rate as our dog daycare rates.  Within the next 60 days, we hope to expand our baby daycare into baby overnight care.  You can make your reservations for baby daycare by clicking here.  Feel free to contact us with any questions.



Simon outside at doggy daycare in St Louis Park,mnSimon the bulldog is one of the regular faces at doggy daycare because he comes everyday.  Trycia has officially spoiled Simon, because she gave him a treat one morning in our prep area and now he sits and waits for that treat every time he comes to play with all of his daycare friends.  Simon goes in all the rooms, but really prefers the beds in the Canine Cove to relax on and he really loves sitting outside in the sun! Have a great night!




Roscoe outside at doggy daycareRoscoe is a beagle mix who just turned 6 months old.  She has been coming to doggy daycare since she was a wee-little puppy.  When Roscoe first started coming she would spend her mornings in Waggers Way playing hard, and then move to the Canine Cove so she could nap in the afternoon.  Now, Roscoe no longer needs her afternoon puppy naps, she has graduated to a permanent Waggers Way member and spends her afternoons playing with all of her buddies!  Some of Roscoe's best friends are Perazzi and Phoebe, who are both lab puppies.  Roscoe is a joy to have around and we are happy she is a PPP pup!


Nittany at Doggy DaycareNittany is a mini Australian Shepherd that comes to doggy daycare a couple days a week.  She is the life of the party in the Canine Cove and can be seen chasing a ball or playing with her pal, Chena (another Australian Shepard).  Did we mention that she LOVES the ball?  She will carry the ball around in her mouth and keep hitting your leg with it until you agree to play fetch.  Nittany is one pooch that is full of energy and can rarely be seen napping.  We are happy to say she is a PPP regular! Side note... The way we were able to get this great picture was by holding the ball next to the camera!

Fun day in the Canine Cove

dog daycare nap timeToday I was able to hang out in the Canine Cove and really enjoy being in there.  It is very different that the rest of the dog daycare play areas that we have because it is the one room where we can bring out the toys and balls for the dogs.  At one point in time, I had about 6 balls rolling around the room with dogs chasing them.  After they were done chasing the balls, everyone laid down for a nap.. Ember and Lola decided to snuggle up on the couch! Have a great night!


Who loves the ball?

jack loves the ball while boarding in our dog hotel The other day, I was hanging out in the Canine Cove at doggy daycare playing with the dogs.  I decided to break out some of the balls, and it is always interesting to see who gets really excited for them and who can care less. Jack, in the picture LOES to chase the ball, then he like to put all of the balls by him! One of the most popular questions we get is why don't you use toys and balls in all the rooms.  We only use the toys and balls in the Canine Cove and it is because there are not as many possession issues. Imagine bringing out 30 balls in the Ruff House, all the dogs always want 1 of the balls and this creates aggression which can lead to a fight.  This is the reason we don't use them in the other rooms.  In the canine cove, if there are any dogs that think they "own" the balls, we just stop using them.  We know dogs enjoy the toys, but none of us enjoy breaking things up and we always put safety first.

Have a good weekend!


Indy and new pictures

Indy Indy is one little energetic Yorkie mix  that loves to play in the Canine Cove.  She runs in the front door and we can't take her back to play with the rest of her friends fast enough. Yesterday Trycia was snapping some new pictures.  You can click here to see them.  So many people thing we hire a professional photographer to take the pictures in the photo gallery, but Trycia is just very talented!

Just a quick reminder, we only have about 5 spaces left in our hotel for New Years Eve.  If you need that space, please let us know so your pooch can ring in the new year with us!

Have a good day!



Little Max at Doggy Daycare Max is a Shihtzupoo, who has been coming to doggy daycare since he was a puppy.  We still remember the first day he came, Max's owner was sick and needed to take him somewhere to get some energy out.  The owner was adamant that it was a one time thing, and Max probably wouldn't be returning once she felt better.  However, the very next week Max came back! Max's owner realized how much he loved playing with other dogs, and she also loved that he came home tired!  He can now be found hanging out in the Canine Cove three days a week.  He has made many friends at PPP, but some of his "besties" include Fritz and Stella.  Max is also referred to as "little Max" to distinguish him from the other Max's that frequent the daycare.