canine good citizen


Luna has been spending the night in our hotel and today she was was hanging out in the Zen Den.  Luna does great in all of the rooms, but really wanted to rest and relax today.  Speaking of the Zen Den, look for one of the webcams to be moved tomorrow so you can see more of the room. Many of you were asking how Roxy did on her Canine Good Citizen test at the Animal Humane Society last night.  She passed with flying colors and we are so proud of her!  Next, we start her therapy dog training in a few weeks!

Hope everyone has a good night.


Sunday Fun

Today, we sent all of our managers and Trycia to a training seminar on first aid, CPR and kennel management. So while they were away, I was at the daycare holding everything down.  Sundays are so much fun at the PPP because they are so laid back and the dogs LOVE it!! Frankie was one of the hotel guests who has been staying over. All of the dogs, and our staff are very excited for the warmer weather! Tomorrow is a big night for Roxy!  She is going to take her Canine Good Citizen test.  I know she will do great!

Have a good night.