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What does Doggy Daycare have to do with Winemaking?

france-wine-dog-bdrAs I have said in previous blog posts this week, Trycia and I are out of town in Napa and Sonoma, CA.  Yesterday one our customers set up a really cool wine tasting for us with the winemaker of a very small vineyard where you have to know the owner to visit.  It is a small family business, and his 7 year old daughter presses some of the grapes.  We were sitting there and talking about doggy daycare, and he said how his dog goes to a daycare in Napa, CA and how much fun that place is.  He asked if we were a franchise, and i said NO WAY!  He was so thankful!  He said he loves the smaller places that are inddependent and how you really do get better service from them.  How many times have you called your cell phone company's 1-800 number and gotten mad at them for bad service?  I was thinking how cool it is that this winemaker that makes AMAZING wine is so down to earth and easy to talk with.   There was no pressure to buy wine, but we did buy lots of it!  I would like to think this is somewhat the same way that we run the daycare.  Trycia and I are always around and know the dogs and their personalities.  So I like to think that we are not just owners that sign paychecks and hire employees, but that we are active with the dogs, employees and customers each day, and have a very hands on role in the daycare.   I just called a daycare in San Francisco to set up a time for Trycia and I to take a tour today and I asked for the owner.  The girl that picked up the phone hand no clue how to reach the owner or what their name was.  Strange!! OK, I will now get off my soap box, but hopefully you understand what I am talking about.

We will be returning tomorrow, and I can't wait to see all the dogs.  I really do miss them and all of our wonderful customers!