Roxy Passed!

Today, Trycia and I left the daycare early so Roxy could take her therapy dog test.  After the 30 minute test, they told us we passed with flying colors.  They said "Roxy is going to make a great therapy dog!" Those of you that are interested in becoming a therapy dog team, we have some great resources for you starting with Heather our trainer who can get you ready for the Canine Good Citizen test (which is required for enrollment in a therapy dog class).  We don't offer therapy dog classes at Pampered Pooch Playground, but for Roxy's training we used Danielle at the Canine Coach and highly recommend her to anyone thinking about it.  Now that Roxy has passed we plan on taking her to "The Lab"  (with her buddy Ahnung) which is in the St Paul school system and she will also be volunteering at a local nursing home which is run by one of our customers.

Have a great weekend!


Sunday Fun

Today, we sent all of our managers and Trycia to a training seminar on first aid, CPR and kennel management. So while they were away, I was at the daycare holding everything down.  Sundays are so much fun at the PPP because they are so laid back and the dogs LOVE it!! Frankie was one of the hotel guests who has been staying over. All of the dogs, and our staff are very excited for the warmer weather! Tomorrow is a big night for Roxy!  She is going to take her Canine Good Citizen test.  I know she will do great!

Have a good night.