Roxy Loves the Dunn!

Roxy loves Dunn Brothers Last Thursday night we had a great time attending the Minnesota Wild game in one of the luxury Boxes.  As always it is always dangerous to get a bunch of dog people together, and we came up with some great ideas!  I love hanging out with our friends that also own cool local dog businesses!

Today we did our typical stop at Dunn Brothers (50th and Xerxes in Minneapolis) with Roxy, and then we walk around Lake Harriet.  We always stop so Roxy can drink water, and today we used my empty cup from Dunn Brothers.  I think we got a few strange looks thinking we were giving Roxy coffee.  Ha!  I did tell the Barista that they need to come up with some dog coffee.

Sorry to cut this short, we are off to the final Beer with you Buddy of the season at the Nomad Pub in Minneapolis!

Have a good night!



Wally the Italian Greyhound has tons of energy and really enjoys coming to doggy daycare.  He can normally be seen hanging out with all of his friends in Waggers Way. Some exciting news for all of you coffee drinkers.  After much input from our customers and employees, we have decided to switch the coffee that we brew for the lobby.  This afternoon I brewed our first pot of Dunn Brothers Coffee and it was great!  I really like the "Dunn" because they are a great local company and will roast the beans custom for the PPP!  So over the next few days we will be brewing both the Caribou like we have always had, and the new Dunn Brothers.  All of the money collected from the coffee in the lobby is donated to Pet Haven. Let me know your feedback.

Have a great night.