It's All About Denver

This morning, Franklin's mom told me that today was his last day at doggy daycare because they were moving to Denver.  We always get so sad when our dogs move away and we are really going to miss Franklin!! It is really hard because we become so attached to the dogs!

The funny thing is Trycia and I just got back from a 2 day trip to Denver and we were able to visit 2 doggy daycares while we were there.  The fist one we visited was a little older, but you could tell that is was really well run and it is run by a brother and sister.  When we did the tour all the dogs seemed very happy.  We also visited another one that had a few locations.  While it looked amazing form the outside (brand new green grass and a new building) the rest left something to be desired.  We were walking through, and their daycare rooms were very small , and the tour guide said that they can have over 150 dogs a day for daycare (we don't even take that many and our play areas are about 2 times the size).  They toured us through the cages and they were really nice with TV's.  I started thinking that the dogs could really care less about the TV, and that really is only something that is for the owners.  At the end they handed us their price list and they had so many add on's that it was confusing.  I have never been a fan of up-selling and you will notice that we don't do it.  If we had to leave Roxy at one of the palces we visited, I would without a doubt leave her at the first one that was family run.  They took the time to ask questions and get to know us and our dog.  The 2nd location just went through the motions and never even asked what type of dog we had and had more of a corporate feel.  I told Franklin's mom that I would send them the names of the places we visited so that he can have a good place to stay!

We always strive to be the best dog daycare in the Twin Cities, and are always looking for ideas and suggestions.  Feel free to contact me at anytime if you have feedback.

Thanks again and have a great night!