Keith the Advisor

A few weeks ago I received an email from the new St Louis Park Magazine asking if I would sit on their advisory board.  I was so honored to be asked and it makes me feel like we are a true leader in the community.  Today we had our first meeting and it was lots of fun getting to know all the other community leaders and I learned lots about the history of St Louis Park. Yes there was talk about what a dog friendly community St Louis Park is (not everyone is aware of this).  The St Louis Park Magazine is a new publication that just started in September and will be a great addition to the area!  I will give you more details as they happen, but I hope to bring all the dog fun to the magazine!  If you live in the area, you can subscribe for FREE by clicking here! Have a good night!


Customers helping customers

The Thunder Shirt reviewsWe want to be more than just a business (heck, sometimes I forget we are a business), we want to be a community of pet lovers.  Yesterday everyone came to my help when I was working on finding the best vacuum for pet hair at our house and today everyone is helping our customer, Chuck, with advice on the Thunder Shirt.  If you want to be part of the fun, make sure you are our facebook friend and if you ever need help with anything, just send me an email.  If I can help, I will... Otherwise I will pose it to our PPP community! Have a good night!



The I am MPLS Fashion Show

Last night I was honored to be part of the I am MPLS fashion show.  The show featured local business owners or people that have given back to Minneapolis to create a fun and diverse city!  Before the show there were so many fun people to talk with and hear stories of why they love Minneapolis!  Honestly, I really enjoy being part of the Minneapolis community and giving back to such a great city!  After the show, it was great to see so many of our customers there having a great time! Below is a little snippet of my runway walk!  Thanks to b. (a resale shop) for the outfit!

What a turnout!

Linden Hills Woofstock Wow!  What a turnout today at Linden Hills Woofstock!  I am not a record kepper, but I would say it was the busiest year yet!! As a Linden Hills resident, I really love to give back to the community in which we live which is why this is our 2nd year sponsoring it!!  On a weekly basis we visit many of the stores in Linden Hills and really do call it our backyard and Woofstock is a great event!! We had an "old school" photo booth at the event, and everyone LOVED it!!  We also had the warm water dog wash with all money raised going to the Pet Project.

Those of you who came out to Woofstock might have picked up on something new that Trycia and I have in the works.  If you walked down the street, outside the Dunn Brothers you might have noticed a dog wash called Bubbly Paws and it was staffed by PPP employees.  Well, we are starting a self service dog wash that will be located at Excelsior and Grand in St Louis Park.  The construction has started and everything should be completed by November 1st.  We are very excited for this new adventure.  This does not mean that the PPP will take back seat, and we will still be at the PPP just as much as we are now.  The PPP will always be run as a family business where you know the owners and get a warm "home like" setting.  This will be just a fun new adventure that we can do on the side.  It was funny to watch peoples reactions when they saw me standing behind the table.  We did not want to mention this to anyone yet because it was not a "done deal", but it is official and it will be pretty sweet!  We also have something in the works for all of our loyal PPP customers when Bubbly Paws opens.  Details soon :)

Ok, time for a quick nap, then we are off to see Wicked!

Have a good night!

A long fun day

Ellie the BeagleToday we had our 3rd dog wash at the Galaxy Drive In and raised over $420 for the Minnesota Boxer rescue.  One of our core values of Pampered Pooch Playground is to give back to the local dog community in various ways.  Tonight we had lots of fun washing over 85 dogs! Ellie the beagle is one of the dogs that has been a regular face at the PPP for doggie daycare for the past 2 years and tonight after daycare her mom brought her to the dog wash down the street. Ellie is very well known around the daycare for wearing a different bandanna each time she comes!

Have a great night.