Highway 7 and 100 Bridge

The bridge for Highway 7 that goes over Highway 100 has been closed for construction for the next 8 months. I highly suggest downloading the Waze App for you iPhone or Android phone as it will route you the fastest way based on crowd sourced traffic.  The Minnetonka Blvd. bridge has been re-opened or you can use the detour below.  If you ever get lost or need directions, just call or text us. For our customers that come from the uptown area please use the following detour:

  • Take Highway 7 (lake St) to the closure, and turn left onto Beltline Blvd
  • Turn Right on 36th St
  • Turn Right on Wooddale
  • Turn Left on Highway 7
  • Turn Right on Louisiana Ave
  • Take the first Roundabout and exit on Walker St

How Clean is it?? Cowboy Clean!!

Today was a big day when it comes to our construction.  The majority of the work in Waggers Way has been completed and they will be starting in the Ruff House tomorrow.  So we will have all of the big dogs in Waggers Way starting tomorrow and I spent 5 hours this afternoon putting everything back together in the room.  The construction guys cleaned everything when they were done, but I wanted to go through with the shop vac and make sure they picked up everything.  We have a Rottweiler puppy named Cowboy, who is known to eat just about everything at home and wanted to make sure he would not find anything on the floor.  So the entire time I was cleaning, I kept thinking to my self "we have to Cowboy proof everything".  We are so very excited with how everything has been going.  The new webcams are up and running in waggers way, you can see about 90% of the whole room and you should be able to see all the dogs.  I am excited to see how the dogs react to the new digs tomorrow.

Have a great night, and I know we always say this, but thanks for putting up with our construction :)


Grooming area update

Lola the yellow lab boarding at doggy daycareIt has been 5 days since the remodeling started on our grooming and food prep area and things are going great! All of the framing of the new walls are up, the electrical is done, and some of the new floor has been installed. With any construction there is always some inconvience, but it is pretty minor.  Today I stopped in and put a bunch of the new cabinets together and Lola the yellow lab was my helper!  Lola is a regular face at doggy daycare, and she has been spending the weekend with us!  She is a great helper! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Let the Ruff House remodeling begin

Dakota at doggy daycare As some of you might know we have some remdeling that will be taking place over the next month (or a little longer, you know how construction people work).  The first project was started today. Our Ruff House dog daycare playroom will be getting a floor makeover.  The flooring is starting to be ripped up, and by next Tuesday morning the new floor will be installed and we will be able to use it.  Because I like to be "hands on", I started ripping up the floor today.  It is a good workout :)  The new floor going down is a brand new concept in doggy daycare flooring.  Most places take the inexpensive epoxy route, but that type of floor does not hold up, and dogs go sliding across it because it gets very slippery when it gets wet.  We will give you all the details once it is installed.

This is just the beginning of updates going on at the PPP.. Soon you will notice new paint outside the building (it has been pressure washed, and the painters are waiting for the weather to be perfect to paint), new grass, and our food prep and grooming areas will get a makeover.  Waggers Way will also get new flooring in about a month.

All of the PPP staff are very excited about these changes, and we are proud to be an industry leader when it comes to new products and innovations!

Have a good day!


Breaking in the Zen Den

DSC_0097Say "hello" to Jack who really enjoys doggy daycare at the PPP.  Today we wanted to give "The Zen Den" a trial run and the dogs seemed to enjoy it.  We did have some minor construction work taking place in one of our playrooms and the dogs enjoyed watching all the fun from the new play area.  The high speed webcams are now streaming for "The Zen Den" and soon we will be updating our iPhone app to include this room.  We are just waiting for one of our new play structures to be built and then we can use it all the time!  We can't wait and know the dogs will love it! Have a good night!



The New room is underway!

The construction started bright and early this morning, by 11am, all all of the dry-wall and beams were removed and then the cleaning began!  Obviously we were doing the construction, but the dogs were no-where near where all the work was going on!  It is great to see how big this new room is actually going to be!  You can see it on paper, but when you can see the real size, it is so much better!  A big thanks to Brian at Small Town Values Contracting.  He did all of the demo work and made great time.  Next step is to paint the walls and get the floor ready.  The fencing will be going in real soon!  I can't wait for this to be done, it is going to look great.  You might notice that one of the small dog room webcams has been moved because it was on the wall that we took out. On a side note, many of you know how i love great customer service and we try to get our staff to go above and beyond what is expected.  Well, I was hungry and ordered Jimmy John's for lunch and had it delivered to the day care.  They repeated my order 3 times on the phone and then the sandwich showed up and it was not correct.  I called, and just wanted them to re-make it and deliver it.  The manager started to swear at me.  The Jimmy John's on Highway 7 in St Louis Park has screwed up my order 3 times in less than a year.  How hard is it to make a #4 with ONLY lettuce, mustard, cheese and oregano?   After being sworn at, it is now my mission to make sure everyone knows about how lousy the service is there.  I have tweeted, facebooked and called their headquarters.  I will let you know if anyone actually responds.  Sorry to get all off subject here, but it really ruined my day.  That being said, if we can improve in anyway, or you ever have a negative expierence PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know and I will make it right!

Have a great weekend!