Our Great Crew

Potcake PupThis past week Trycia and I were on vacation and every time we leave I always worry about the daycare.  Pampered Pooch Playground is our baby, and I is always hard to leave and go somewhere.  We have a great crew / mangers and we felt very comfortable leaving it in their hands and they did a wonderful job!  First thing Saturday morning I stopped in to make sure everything ran smooth, and it did!  Just because we were on vacation does not mean we were out of touch, we emailed daily and always had the phone on just incase anything came up. I really love being to leave and know that the doggy daycare is in GREAT hands and I can't thank our staff enough to let us be able to go away for a few days and know everything is fine.  You might be thinking, "where did you guys go"?  Well, we went to the Turks and Caicos islands and had an amazing vacation.  Their stray dogs are called Potcakes, and we really debated adopting one and bringing it home, but then we realized Roxy likes being an only child! Hope everyone had a great weekend!