crowd cut

Groupon and other offers

This past Saturday, I had a very intersting conversation with a customer at Bubbly Paws.  They had asked if I knew of any good dog daycares in the area. Naturally, I told him about Pampered Pooch Playground and the services and setup we have.  He was very impressed, since he stopped into another place and was not very impressed.  I told he he could stop in anytime and get a true feel for the place.  He then asked if we were going to offer a Groupon or Crowd Cut anytime soon. Then I told him why we don't do these types of deals simply because we can't control the types of dogs that come in.  If someone buys a %50 Groupon we have to honor it, regardless of how the dog does in daycare. I know of a daycare that this happened to, and they got a bunch of dogs that were very aggressive in daycare and this is not a risk that we are willing to take.  He was very impressed by this, and stopped in today to check it out.

I personally love Groupon's and we have done them at the dog wash (since the customer is the one bathing), but for a daycare were you don't know what type of dog will be coming and how well it will be have is kinda freaky to me.  As always we have to watch out for the safety of the entire group of dogs.

So there you have it... Why we don't do deals at the PPP.

Hope you have a good night!