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Great Customer Service #2

Great doggy daycare customer service in Minneapolis As many of you know or hopefully have noticed, we stress the importance of outstanding customer service with all of our staff.  There have been a few times where I have called out companies for not providing great service  (see the Jimmy John's post).  Last night we went out to eat with a few of our friends and Trycia ordered a veggie burger. When the food came out it was obviously not a veggie burger.  Trycia quickly brought it to their attention and they re-made it... Then the manager came over and apologized profusely and offered to comp our entire table for the dinner and drinks we had!  WOW!! That is crazy!! That is how we try to do things at Pampered Pooch Playground and when we make a mistake (which happens), we try to always make it right!  I talked to the manager after and told him how we owned a small business and that we would have handled it in the same way.   Since it was handled so well, we stayed longer than we normally would have and spent more on drinks!  It really is just great to know that other places go over the top to fix things!

Have a good day!


Cheapest is not always the best

I know everyone has always known that, but it is completely true!  About 3 weeks ago our 6 year old Dyson vacuum broke and we needed to get a new one.  I was at Target and decided to venture out and buy a Eureka vacuum that was designed for pets.  At about 1/2 the price of the Dyson, I figured it was worth the try.  What a piece of JUNK!! In the 3 weeks we have owned it, I have had to unclog the hose 3 times, and you can never put the filter back together. Seriously, we have Roxy who sheds, but we are freaks about keeping things clean. You have to unclog the filter after each room. I just did the guest bedroom where Roxy never goes and it got clogged. If you are going to call it the "Pet Expert"... It should be for pets and not get clogged!  I called their 800 number and they are no help.  So tomorrow it will be going back to Target and hopefully they will take it back and we will be getting the Dyson.  Sorry to vent, but sometimes you get what you pay for and I learned my lesson... In the 6 years of owning the Dyson, it only got clogged 1 time and that was because i tried to pick up large pieces of glass form a wine glass we broke (my mistake)!  Enjoy the video below of me trying to put the filter back together. Also in the video is Roxy's niece Zoe who we are dog sitting this week.

Outstanding Customer Service

mini Australian ShepardOver the past few days, our doggy daycare software has been bugging out and acting strange.  So today, the tech support department from the software company was logged on to our computers for about 6 hours trying to fix the problems.  They fixed it and also upgraded us to the latest version of the software which is going to have some really cool features you can take advantage of in the next few months.  I was impressed that they would take almost the entire day to work out our little problems.  I could understand if we were a national franchise or a place that had multiple locations, but we are not.  Thanks guys!  I have never seen our computers move so fast. After they logged off, I had to re-setup our printers, and I am not quite as fast as the tech support department is.  It took me almost 2 hours to get it going!

Nittany who is in the picture is a mini Australian Shepard who comes to doggy daycare a few times each week.

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PPP in print

pay attention the bookMany of the blog readers know how I feel about outstanding customer service.  Honestly I think it is a lost art.  I am more than willing to tell you about local business who have HORRIBLE service (I know many of my Facebook friends are all aware of them).  When was the last time you were "thanked" going through the drive through coffee shop, or at the gas station?  It very rarely happens or it is just an employee saying it because they have to.  Well, I try so hard to thank everyone for coming in when they come to pick up their pooch. The customer service at Pampered Pooch Playground has not gone under the radar.  Local author Ann Thomas is writing an entire book on marketing and customer service in the digital age and there is a 2 page company profile about the PPP in there.  Just flip to page 90!  Honestly this is my first time in print, and I am so excited for this and that our old fashioned approach at customer service has not gone unnoticed.  The book, Pay Attention is now available at bookstores everywhere and on  I will even sign page #90 for you :)

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The New room is underway!

The construction started bright and early this morning, by 11am, all all of the dry-wall and beams were removed and then the cleaning began!  Obviously we were doing the construction, but the dogs were no-where near where all the work was going on!  It is great to see how big this new room is actually going to be!  You can see it on paper, but when you can see the real size, it is so much better!  A big thanks to Brian at Small Town Values Contracting.  He did all of the demo work and made great time.  Next step is to paint the walls and get the floor ready.  The fencing will be going in real soon!  I can't wait for this to be done, it is going to look great.  You might notice that one of the small dog room webcams has been moved because it was on the wall that we took out. On a side note, many of you know how i love great customer service and we try to get our staff to go above and beyond what is expected.  Well, I was hungry and ordered Jimmy John's for lunch and had it delivered to the day care.  They repeated my order 3 times on the phone and then the sandwich showed up and it was not correct.  I called, and just wanted them to re-make it and deliver it.  The manager started to swear at me.  The Jimmy John's on Highway 7 in St Louis Park has screwed up my order 3 times in less than a year.  How hard is it to make a #4 with ONLY lettuce, mustard, cheese and oregano?   After being sworn at, it is now my mission to make sure everyone knows about how lousy the service is there.  I have tweeted, facebooked and called their headquarters.  I will let you know if anyone actually responds.  Sorry to get all off subject here, but it really ruined my day.  That being said, if we can improve in anyway, or you ever have a negative expierence PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know and I will make it right!

Have a great weekend!

What does Doggy Daycare have to do with Winemaking?

france-wine-dog-bdrAs I have said in previous blog posts this week, Trycia and I are out of town in Napa and Sonoma, CA.  Yesterday one our customers set up a really cool wine tasting for us with the winemaker of a very small vineyard where you have to know the owner to visit.  It is a small family business, and his 7 year old daughter presses some of the grapes.  We were sitting there and talking about doggy daycare, and he said how his dog goes to a daycare in Napa, CA and how much fun that place is.  He asked if we were a franchise, and i said NO WAY!  He was so thankful!  He said he loves the smaller places that are inddependent and how you really do get better service from them.  How many times have you called your cell phone company's 1-800 number and gotten mad at them for bad service?  I was thinking how cool it is that this winemaker that makes AMAZING wine is so down to earth and easy to talk with.   There was no pressure to buy wine, but we did buy lots of it!  I would like to think this is somewhat the same way that we run the daycare.  Trycia and I are always around and know the dogs and their personalities.  So I like to think that we are not just owners that sign paychecks and hire employees, but that we are active with the dogs, employees and customers each day, and have a very hands on role in the daycare.   I just called a daycare in San Francisco to set up a time for Trycia and I to take a tour today and I asked for the owner.  The girl that picked up the phone hand no clue how to reach the owner or what their name was.  Strange!! OK, I will now get off my soap box, but hopefully you understand what I am talking about.

We will be returning tomorrow, and I can't wait to see all the dogs.  I really do miss them and all of our wonderful customers!