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minneapolis dog boardingTrycia took the camera into the Ruff House dog daycare play room and Alfie, Ikey, Roxy, and just a little bit of Oliver decided to pose for the camera.  Alfie and Ikey are 2 of our boarding guests who will be staying over this week.  This week we are packed and have a waiting list each day for daycare and hotel services.  It really is hard for us to turn away dogs for daycare and hotel services, but we never want to be "over crowded" or "too busy". Have a great night.



Blazer the LabBlazer is one of the black labs that come to doggy day care and she has such a great time. She really enjoys hanging out in our back play room which is a little more laid back. Blazer and Gillis (golden retriever) love to pal around together.This afternoon I got the paint out and finished painting the walls of our new play area. I was working with one of our contractors today to build a cool piece of furniture for the room, and I spent a great deal of time shopping online for some cool accessories. This room will be great! Have a great night. Keith

The New room is underway!

The construction started bright and early this morning, by 11am, all all of the dry-wall and beams were removed and then the cleaning began!  Obviously we were doing the construction, but the dogs were no-where near where all the work was going on!  It is great to see how big this new room is actually going to be!  You can see it on paper, but when you can see the real size, it is so much better!  A big thanks to Brian at Small Town Values Contracting.  He did all of the demo work and made great time.  Next step is to paint the walls and get the floor ready.  The fencing will be going in real soon!  I can't wait for this to be done, it is going to look great.  You might notice that one of the small dog room webcams has been moved because it was on the wall that we took out. On a side note, many of you know how i love great customer service and we try to get our staff to go above and beyond what is expected.  Well, I was hungry and ordered Jimmy John's for lunch and had it delivered to the day care.  They repeated my order 3 times on the phone and then the sandwich showed up and it was not correct.  I called, and just wanted them to re-make it and deliver it.  The manager started to swear at me.  The Jimmy John's on Highway 7 in St Louis Park has screwed up my order 3 times in less than a year.  How hard is it to make a #4 with ONLY lettuce, mustard, cheese and oregano?   After being sworn at, it is now my mission to make sure everyone knows about how lousy the service is there.  I have tweeted, facebooked and called their headquarters.  I will let you know if anyone actually responds.  Sorry to get all off subject here, but it really ruined my day.  That being said, if we can improve in anyway, or you ever have a negative expierence PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know and I will make it right!

Have a great weekend!

Help us out.... Win Dog Day Care!!

This weekend we are starting the construction on our new play area and we just realized we should name each of the rooms.  Right now we call them the "front" and the "back".  How lame is that??  The worst part is that the front is not even in the front!!  We want you to help name the rooms for us!  If you come up with the winning name, for a room, you will get a free day of dog daycare for your pooch.  Just email Names with your names.  You can name 1 room or all 3. Here is a description of each of the rooms:

1- "Front" play room - This is where the wild big dogs go.  They love to play, and play hard!  The room is about 3,500 sqft!

2- "Back" play room - This is the more laid back group of dogs.  They love to play but they also love to have some down time.  This is where all the small dogs and the mellow big guys go.  After the construction, this room will be about 2,500 sqft.

3 - "the new room" - This room is designed for the older guys where they just want to relax and hang out.  They will play, but also love some down time and lots of attention.  There will be plenty of beds and possibly a TV.  Some of the little guys can also go into this room. This Room will be about 2,000 sqft.

Have fun and the contest will end Wednesday night.


toblerTobler is one of our most energetic labs that comes to dog day care a few days a week.  From the minute Tobler gets out of the car he can't wait to run in and play with all of his friends!  He also runs past me and goes straight to the door that takes him into the play area! Tobler has been staying in our Hotel and he went home today.  I really thought that after a few days playing with the dogs, he would be tired, but boy was I wrong!! Today I spent a majority of the day testing out some new software.  There are lots of great features, many of which I think many of you will enjoy.  I just want to make sure it is worth switching and that it is easy enough for everyone to use and that the switch would be seamless if we decided to go with it.

Have a good night.