dog gone it

New Collars

We broke the news earlier this week on our FaceBook fan page, but there are a few new Bella Bean collars that are now for sale in our lobby.  Bella Bean is a great company, that we found when Trycia and I were on vacation in San Francisco last fall and decided that it would be a great addition to our retail area.  Roxy, loves her collar and leash set.  In addition to the Bella Bean line, we also have a great selection from Dog Gone It and Bark 'n Biscuit (which is a local company).  We can order any of the collars in different sizes, so just ask if you would like something else.  There is no cost for a custom order. Hope everyone has a good weekend!


Roxy's New Look

DSC_0001Today we got a new shipment of collars and leashes from Dog Gone It.  We ordered Roxy a matching leash and harness and collar set and she loves it!  I really think that she feels pretty when she gets a new collar and she likes to prance around in it.  We can custom order a harness or collar, just let us know what you need. Speaking of Roxy, I just received an email from her brother Frank's parents with a link to a local news story on him!  Frank and his owner moved to Protland about a year ago.  Click here to watch the video!  Way to go Frank!  I know some of our daycare dogs are on their way to becoming therapy dogs!!