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Woof 'n Treat: Lots of Work

Yesterday I was talking with one of our doggy daycare customers in the lobby and they asked me, if we were ready for our Woof 'n Treat party this Saturday.  Yes, we are! This year has been even harder than in other years because we invited all the stores at Excelsior and Grand (where our other business, Bubbly Paws is located), to be part of the fun.  The great thing about having all the stores be part of it means there is so much more for everyone to do, but planning the event means so much more to coordinate.  All the stores are very excited for this fun event!  100% of the money raised goes directly to Homeward Bound Rescue, which is why we we do this event!!  I love our Halloween party which is why we keep adding to it each year, and this year is no different.  Have a good day! Keith


Halloween Costume Shopping

Dog halloween costumes in mInneapolis, mnIt's so hard to believe that our 5th annual Woof 'n Treat Dog Halloween Party and costume contest will be here in less than a month.  Crazy!!  Each year it keeps getting bigger and better! Some of you may or many not know that for the past 3 years Target has been coming to Pampered Pooch Playground in the late winter to try on dog Halloween costumes to make sure they fit on a variety of sizes and styles of dogs.  Each year when they do this, we have to sign an agreement stating that we can't disclose the costumes they have tried on the dogs until they are released for sale!  I was at Target the other day and guess what.... Many of the costumes that they brought to the PPP to try on were on the shelves!  They have so many great costumes!  Now, I don't want this blog post to turn into a commerical for Target, but it is always fun when you see some of the advice you have given, actually taken seriously and designed into a product. As a small business owner, I love having such a great relationship with such a great retailer!! My personal favorite dog costume that they sell is the Batman one!

Have a great night!



Windy, Chilly.. Welcome to Fall

Schatzie at doggy Daycare Brrr.. It is finally October, I just checked the weather and it should be a great weekend for our doggy halloween party!  Today, when our employees got to the doggy daycare called me right away to say that one of the fence panels in our outside area had blown down.  I instantally called our fence company, and within 1 hour they were out getting everything fixed.  With almost 60 MPH winds (which are hurricane strength), I am glad that it was the only damage.  Many of our customers came in talking about how they did not have power!  So that was the big excitement at the PPP today!

Oh, I need to post a picture of one of the funniest costumes that we were working on today!  Simon the bulldog will be a star on the FOX 9 news this Friday and we were perfecting his costume.  I don't want to ruin the surprise, so stay tuned for a picture soon.

Hope you have a good night!


KARE 11 at the PPP Tomorrow

remy ranger and schatzie at doggy daycare KARE 11 News and street reporter Jeff Olson will be at Pampered Pooch Playground bright and early Monday morning (4:45am to be exact) to talk about our Woof and Treat doggy halloween party and the Pet Project.  The halloween party is a fundraiser for the Pet Project and 100% of the money donated goes directly to the pet project.  Tune into KARE 11 starting at 5am on Monday to see us :)

Sorry this is such a short blog post, but I did not want to be up late tonight ;)


Woof-n-Treat - SUCCESS!

117A BIG thank you to everyone that came to our 2nd annual Woof-n-Treat Halloween party at Scoopy PooSarah Beth Photography took some great pictures and she will have the online soon.  Later this week we will announce the costume contest winners.  There were so many great costumes, it will be hard to pick.  Many of you saw Otis the great dane, come in and have his picture taken.  He did great, Otis is always scared or shy of new situations, and he really did great at the Halloween party!  We are so proud of him!! Trycia also captured some great pictures!  They are in our photo gallery.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween.