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Roxy’s 9 days of Christmas – Day 3

Today on Roxy's 9 days of Christmas we are featuring her favorite treat.. Zukes!  Roxy loves just about any treat but gets really excited for Zukes because they are soft and natural... Perfect for training.  Watch the video below to see how much Roxy likes them!  From now until December 24th, save $1 off any bag of Zukes Dog Treats. Day 1 - 10% off all Bella Bean Collars

Day 2- Topline Canine shampoo/conditioner - $7/bottle

Day 3- Zukes treats - $1 off

Welcome Back Bella

Model dog daycae dogA big PPP welcome back to Bella, who was one of our first Doggy Daycare dogs!  Last fall she tore both of her ACL's and this was her first day back.  She was so excited when she ran in the lobby, she jumped up and gave a huge hug and kiss.  You can tell that Bella had some built up energy, she was a playing-fool today! Other PPP News.  Heather just announced some new training classes that are starting soon.  Puppy and Dog Training at Pampered Pooch Playground is lots of fun and the small class sizes are a huge plus.  For more information on dog and puppy training classes visit our training page.


Bruno and Cyrus

miniature pincherCan you tell which Miniature Pincher is Bruno and which one is Cyrus?   Cyrus is on the left and Bruno is on the right.  Bruno has been taking private training lessons with Heather, and Cyrus belongs to Melissa, one of our employees.  Bruno was one of the reasons that Melissa wanted to get a Miniature Pincher!! Both dogs enjoy going to doggy daycare and hanging out together!!  Bruno can normally be seen wearing a black sweater/turtle neck and Cyrus loves to wear his "referee shirt". Have a good night!