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Roxy's & Bindi's Messy Walk

Lake Harriet, Minneapolis,mnWe just took Roxy and her BFF Bindi around Lake Harriet.  What a beautiful day for a walk, but what a mess!  There was so much melting snow, water and mud everywhere.  About 1/2 way through the walk I told Trycia that we needed to head to Bubbly Paws Dog Wash to clean them up with a self service wash.  Even if we did not own Bubbly Paws, I know that would have been our next stop!  When we got there, it was busy with a bunch of dirty dogs in the tubs getting clean!  Bindi was our first doggy daycare dog, and she really is Roxy's best friend!  They love to hang out together and get really excited when we get them together! Have a great weekend!


Bubbly Paws - Almost Done

Bubbly Paws self service dog washEveryone keeps asking us in the lobby... "When will Bubbly Paws Dog Wash be done?".... Well.. Here is a picture from last night.  We are about 2 weeks away from opening and we are getting VERY excited for this!!  Bubbly Paws is located at Excelsior and Grand in St Louis Park.  We will have a special PPP preview night so everyone can check it out and see what it is all about.  More details and pictures very soon! Keith

I got my hair did!

french bulldog at doggy daycare We try hard to support the customers that support us, and one of the is Cosi the French Bulldog's mom, Michaela.  Trycia has been going to her for the past year to have her hair done, and today was my first trip to see her!  She did an awesome job (not like I have lots of hair), and the massage while you get your hair washed was amazing!  So if you are looking for a new hair dresser give a call (612.926.8689) to the Julia Bretey Salon in Edina and schedule an appointment with Michaela (she will tell you all about her upcoming wedding!)

Ok, so this whole blog post is not a huge commerical, here is what else happened.... I spent about 2 hours running some new eithernet wire (how fun is that) for our computer that is in the food prep area.  This computer was running on WIFI before, but our doggy daycare software ran too slow on that type of connection.  Most of the afternoon was spent dealing with the contractors for Bubbly Paws.

Starting Friday, it's Roxy's 12 days of Christmas... Details tomorrow on our Facebook page.

Have a fun night!


Tiko and Jack

Today Anna one of our doggy daycare staff snapped the priceless picture of Tiko and Jack.  Jack (the one under Tiko) is a regular at doggy daycare, and Tiko is a regular face in our pooch hotel.  This might be one of the funniest pictures that I have seen in a long time. AS some of you might know, Trycia and I are busy working on opening Bubbly Paws, which is a self service dog wash and dog spa which will be located in St Louis Park.  Today I put together a video to show off what it will be like.  It is on the front page of

Have a good night.

What a turnout!

Linden Hills Woofstock Wow!  What a turnout today at Linden Hills Woofstock!  I am not a record kepper, but I would say it was the busiest year yet!! As a Linden Hills resident, I really love to give back to the community in which we live which is why this is our 2nd year sponsoring it!!  On a weekly basis we visit many of the stores in Linden Hills and really do call it our backyard and Woofstock is a great event!! We had an "old school" photo booth at the event, and everyone LOVED it!!  We also had the warm water dog wash with all money raised going to the Pet Project.

Those of you who came out to Woofstock might have picked up on something new that Trycia and I have in the works.  If you walked down the street, outside the Dunn Brothers you might have noticed a dog wash called Bubbly Paws and it was staffed by PPP employees.  Well, we are starting a self service dog wash that will be located at Excelsior and Grand in St Louis Park.  The construction has started and everything should be completed by November 1st.  We are very excited for this new adventure.  This does not mean that the PPP will take back seat, and we will still be at the PPP just as much as we are now.  The PPP will always be run as a family business where you know the owners and get a warm "home like" setting.  This will be just a fun new adventure that we can do on the side.  It was funny to watch peoples reactions when they saw me standing behind the table.  We did not want to mention this to anyone yet because it was not a "done deal", but it is official and it will be pretty sweet!  We also have something in the works for all of our loyal PPP customers when Bubbly Paws opens.  Details soon :)

Ok, time for a quick nap, then we are off to see Wicked!

Have a good night!

It's a doggie pool party

Tonight we had the doggie pool party and dog wash at the Galaxy Drive In and what a turn out!  It was great to see so many of our customers and their dogs having a good time!  We raised over $300 for Pet Haven!!!! Special thanks to PPP staffer Anne and Dusty from Modern Life Pets for helping wash the dogs!  Our friends from Modern Life Pets will have the pictures online soon!! Ok I am super tired from washing all the dogs, so this is one short blog post! Have a good night.


Dog Wash

As many of you might know, we sponsored a dog wash at the Galaxy Drive In.  Our photographer friend Sarah Beth sent me one of the pictures she took.  More will be online very soon.  Side note... If you book a session with Sarah, mention PPP and you get a nice discount.  Fletcher was one of the dogs that we washed , and he is on Twitter as Fletchmasterp.  He is also a regular face around the PPP.

Food Drive Update

Last Saturday we sponsored the "Tails Up" food drive for the Pet Project at Fetch Delivers. We raised over 10,000 pounds of food and over $1000 in cash for this great group.  Thanks again to everyone that came out to support them!  In the picture are Jodel from the Ollu Dog Wash and Ali from Sidewalk dog and dogs George (with Santa) and Luk (in my lap). Have a great day!