Meet the Crew - Kelly

Name: Kelly Length of time working here: April-November 2012 and again June 2013-present

Do you have any pets?

I have an Australian Shepherd named Sydney and a Rat Terrier/Chihuahua mix named Brody

What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time I like to work out, do yoga and go to the lake.  Basically any outdoor activity! :)

What is your favorite part about working at PPP?

Getting to know all the dogs and their different personalities!  I also like building relationships and becoming close with the dogs that come on a regular basis!

Funniest/Favorite PPP moment:

When the air conditioning broke last summer and our awesome bosses got us Dairy Queen to keep us from melting :)

Italy Tour

Every September Trycia and I take a trip (this is planned right after the busy boarding summer season at the PPP on purpose).  Because Pampered Pooch Playground is our baby, I always worry about not being around should we ever be needed.  Our wonderful staff did a great time holding things down while we were gone.  It really is great to have employees that you can trust with your business when you are not around and everyone did great!  We got back Friday night around midnight, and I was at the daycare by 9am on Saturday.  I just like to go and make sure everything is good (which it was). We were in Italy, and it was so nice to get away for a few days.  We were taking a tour of Pompeii and they talked about how important dogs were in the community.  They have a bunch of dogs living on the land, all of which are protected by the government (fully vaccinated) and up for adoption.  Trycia and I stopped many time on the tour of this ancient city to pet the dogs.  I wanted to bring one home with us!

While we were gone, we were always keeping track on the happenings at the daycare, since I am never able to fully unplug.  We did come up with some new ideas for the dog daycare, which you you will see in the next few months.  See, we can never really get away!

Have a good sunday!


Even Roxy needs doggy daycare!

roxy at the apple store in uptown minneapolis Every morning Trycia asks Roxy of she wants to "go to work"...  Most of the time she gets really excited, but sometimes she decides that she wants to sleep in.  Today was one of the days that Roxy wanted to "sleep in".  After I left the daycare, I stopped at the dog wash and headed home.  We ate dinner and took Roxy on a long walk and she still has TONS of energy!  All night she has been running around the house wanting to play.  It is super cute, but I also know why everyone loves bringing their pooch to doggy daycare.  Roxy does not go in the play areas often, but she gets so tired from greeting everyone in the lobby!  Just thought I would share a cute story!

Have a good night!



Heat Stroke in Dogs

On these dangerous days, we limit the amount of time our doggy daycare dogs are outside..  We go out for about 5-10 minutes and then come back in to the air conditioning.  As always there is always plenty of water in all of the play rooms and we make sure everyone is getting enough water! Many people have asked me what to do if their dog has heat stroke.


Signs of Heat Stroke

The following signs may indicate heat stroke in a dog:
Increased rectal temperature (over 104° requires action, over 106° is a dire emergency)
Vigorous panting
Dark red gums
Tacky or dry mucus membranes (specifically the gums)
Lying down and unwilling (or unable) to get up
Collapse and/or loss of consciousness
Thick saliva
Dizziness or disorientation
What to do if You Suspect Heat Stroke

If you have even the slightest suspicion that your dog is suffering from heat stoke, you must take immediate action.
First, move your dog out of the heat and away from the sun right away.
Begin cooling your dog by placing cool, wet rags or washcloths on the body - especially the foot pads and around the head.
DO NOT use ice or very cold water! Extreme cold can cause the blood vessels to constrict, preventing the body's core from cooling and actually causing the internal temperature to further rise. In addition, over-cooling can cause hypothermia, introducing a host of new problems. When the body temperature reaches 103°, stop cooling.
Offer your dog cool water, but do not force water into your dog's mouth.
Call or visit your vet right away - even if your dog seems better. Internal damage might not be obvious to the naked eye, so an exam is necessary (and further testing may be recommended).

Source -

Severe Weather

I have been very busy watching the news and weather radar because we take storm season very seriously at Pampered Pooch Playground.  We get breaking weather alerts from the National Weather Service by text and email, and I always stay on top of what was going on.  Tonight as the tornado sirens kept going off, I was talking with Katie and Dana at the daycare to make sure that they and the dogs are ok.  We do have a set of procedures on how to react when there is any type of severe weather warning, or tornado in the area.  Our first priority is to keep the dogs safe.   If there is severe weather overnight, I am always on call and have plans for someone to spend the night at the doggy daycare if needed.

Have a good night and stay safe!


Dog Halloween Safety Tips

Trixie the bumble bee Halloween can be a frightful time for your pooch, and the number of lost dogs greatly increases on Halloween.  Here are a few tips to keep your pooch safe tonight.

1. No tricks, no treats: That bowl of candy is for trick-or-treaters, not for Scruffy and Fluffy. Chocolate in all forms—especially dark or baking chocolate—can be very dangerous for dogs and cats. Candies containing the artificial sweetener xylitol can also cause problems. If you do suspect your pet has ingested something toxic, please call your veterinarian or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435.

2. Popular Halloween plants such as pumpkins and decorative corn are considered to be relatively nontoxic, but they can produce stomach upset in pets who nibble on them.

3. Wires and cords from electric lights and other decorations should be kept out of reach of your pets. If chewed, your pet might suffer cuts or burns, or receive a possibly life-threatening electrical shock.

4. A carved pumpkin certainly is festive, but do exercise caution if you choose to add a candle. Pets can easily knock a lit pumpkin over and cause a fire. Curious kittens especially run the risk of getting burned or singed by candle flames.

5. If you do dress up your pet, make sure the costume isn't annoying or unsafe. It should not constrict the animal's movement or hearing, or impede his ability to breathe, bark or meow. Also, be sure to try on costumes before the big night. If your pet seems distressed, allergic or shows abnormal behavior, consider letting him go au naturale or donning a festive bandana.

6. Take a closer look at your pet’s costume and make sure it does not have small, dangling or easily chewed-off pieces that he could choke on. Also, ill-fitting outfits can get twisted on external objects or your pet, leading to injury.

7. All but the most social dogs and cats should be kept in a separate room away from the front door during peak trick-or-treating hours. Too many strangers can be scary and stressful for pets.

8. When opening the door for trick-or-treaters, take care that your cat or dog doesn't dart outside.

9. IDs, please! Always make sure your dog or cat has proper identification. If for any reason your pet escapes and becomes lost, a collar and tags and/or a microchip can be a lifesaver, increaing the chances that he or she will be returned to you

Woof-n-Treat 2010

Staci from KS95 Our 3rd annual Woof-n-Treat halloween party was a HUGE success!  The Pet Project was able to raise over $1449.00 which will go directly to vet care and food for those pet owners in need!  There were so many awesome costumes and everyone had a great time in the costume contest.  Sarah Beth Photography was walking around snapping pictures of the event and we will have them up very soon.  Each of the businesses at the event had to have a game for everyone to play, and my personal favorite was the one that Bone Adventure did.  I don't even know how to describe their game other than random and fun!

Happy halloween!


The Apprentice at a Doggy Daycare

Mitzi the yorkie I don't normally watch this show, but the one this week had the contestants on the show working at a doggie daycare in NYC.  It is always funny to me when you see "business men" trying to run a service business and what they think sells and people want.  The guys were so "business like" that I just had to laugh the entire show.  I think it really helps when a doggy daycare is run by dog people, not business people. ;)

We had a meeting on Thursday to discuss our 3rd annual Woof-n-Treat doggy halloween party and it will be the best yet!  I can't wait to see all the cool costumes!

Have a great weekend, make sure to check out some of the local apple orchards, many are dog friendly!  I know that Minnetonka Orchards loves dogs!


Lake Minnetonka Fun

dogs at big island on lake minnetonkaYesterday Trycia and I went out on one of our friends boats on Lake Minnetonka and once we got to Big Island, we saw so many dogs!  We were walking along all the boats and saw Fletcher the Bernese Mountain Dog that was swimming, and when he got tired he would lay on his water mattress!  We stopped to talk with the owner and bonded over Bernese Mountain Dogs (maybe one day Roxy will lay on the mattress like Fletcher).  I wish i brought our camera because it was the cutest thing I have ever seen. We kept going and there must have been over 20 dogs that were all on boats or in the water.  Pretty cool!  My personal favorite was this picture I took of a guy pushing 4 of them on their water mattress.  He passed our boat 3 times!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!