More Mobile...

JD on the doggy daycare webcam Finally, we now have a mobile app for almost every platform from the iPhone, Droid and now the BlackBerry.  We take great pride in leading the doggy daycare industry and are the only daycare in the country to have 3 apps, and we were the first with the iPhone app.  Pretty darn cool if you are into technology.  If you are not, oh well, we still have our regular webcams you can watch :)  For more information on our mobile apps, just click here.

PPP Technology Update

Ollie the Yellow Lab Puppy at Doggy Daycare Those of you that are on our email list found out about the update to our photo gallery where you can download the pictures of your pooch.  We do charge for this, but the money raised will be donated to local pet rescues!  One thing I did not mention in the email is our new Android App.  Just log on to the Android App store and download "Pooch Vision".  We are proud to be the first and still one of the few doggy daycares in the country with an iPhone and now an Android app.  What is next?? BlackBerry!

Have a good night.