A few random thoughts.

sodasnap This weekend Trycia and I went away to Duluth for a few days and I am sitting in the lobby of the hotel sipping a coffee and a few thoughts from the week came to me:

1- I ordered a bunch of items (9) for the daycare from Amazon.com all of which were the same and very small.  I just logged in to track their progress and they all came from the same warehouse, and Amazon decided to put each one in their own box.  So now the UPS man will be delivering 9 boxes rather than 1.  Come on Amazon, what are you thinking, try going green!  When we order products for the doggy daycare, we try to find the most green option out there.

2- Last night we went out to Fitger's brewhouse for dinner and while sitting on the patio we started to talk to some people who just came in with their dog.  They said that they were also from Minneapolis and I made the comment of how much more dog friendly Minneapolis is than Duluth.  Minneapolis places in the top 10 list of dog friendly cities in the United States.  If you are looking for dog friendly places in Minneapolis, make sure to check out Sidewalk Dog.  After talking to these people more, we found out that they go to one of the Minneapolis dog parks and know one of our dogs that comes to daycare pretty often.  Talk about random.

That is about all for now!  Have a great sunday!