My Cleaning Buddy

The other night one of our cleaners was sick, so I filled in.  Kiko, one of our overnight dogs wanted to hang out and help make sure I cleaned correctly.  Kiko absolutely loves being around people and stuck to my side the entire night, until it was time for dinner.  Then she became distracted and decided to eat.  Kiko is one of our regular hotel guests and hangs out in the waggers way room. Have a great weekend and enjoy some nice weather :)


Welcome Back Bella

Model dog daycae dogA big PPP welcome back to Bella, who was one of our first Doggy Daycare dogs!  Last fall she tore both of her ACL's and this was her first day back.  She was so excited when she ran in the lobby, she jumped up and gave a huge hug and kiss.  You can tell that Bella had some built up energy, she was a playing-fool today! Other PPP News.  Heather just announced some new training classes that are starting soon.  Puppy and Dog Training at Pampered Pooch Playground is lots of fun and the small class sizes are a huge plus.  For more information on dog and puppy training classes visit our training page.


Every Dog Is GREEN Today

Happy St. Patrick's Day.  The day started off with many of our staff getting dressed up for the holiday and props go to Jamie and Erin O for going all out with their outfits!! Then, once most of the dogs were checked in for daycare, we started to dress them up and take pictures.  We tried to dress up most of the dogs, but not everyone loved the head wear :)  If you want to see all the fun, check out our March photo gallery.  Oh, did I mention that we had Irish music on all day, thanks to XM Radio. Have a great night.

Happy 2nd Birthday Schatzie

Schatzie, a German Shorthair comes to doggy daycare every weekday and hangs out in the Ruff House and today she turned 2.  She came in with a HUGE bag of treats for everyone!  Schatzie can be seen running all around the Ruff House and standing in the castle looking out the window.  One would think that going to doggy daycare everyday would make her tired at home.  WRONG!  She goes home after daycare and will go hunting in the backyard for a few hours. Another sign that the warm weather is here to stay.  Today I re-installed our webcam in the outdoor play area.  We took it down over winter because the cold weather and webcams are not the best of friends.

Have a good night.


What day is it?

Every Tuesday, Wenzday comes to doggy daycare and I always think it would be really for her to come on Wednesdays.  I know, lame joke, but that is really what goes through my head.  Today, I had some fun moving one of the webcams in the Zen Den.  Hopefully you can see more of the room, and the heated beds that the dogs enjoy laying on! Some more exciting changes are in the work... Details very soon :)


Fozzy's a big brother!!

Fozzie has been boarding in our hotel and he will be surprised tomorrow when he goes home to a new family member!  He has been staying with us because fozzy's owner is delivering a baby!!!  Fozzy's dad emailed us today and said everything went well, and Fozzy gets to go home tomorrow.  He will be so excited!! I spent the afternoon painting our office!  Our office was originally in what is now the training room.  When we removed the walls to make the training room, we needed a place for our office, so we picked a small room right behind the lobby and next to the big dog play area.  The walls were not pretty, but it did the job and it was a place to put our desk.  Well, we decided that it needed a fresh coat of paint and a new floor.  So I am doing all the work this week.

One final note.... Check our Facebook page tomorrow around noon for a chance to win a free bath.

Hope everyone has a good night.


Remy - Roxy's Inspiration

Remy is one of our most laid back boxers that come to doggy daycare.  Remy is so easy going, and just loves being around people and other dogs.  Remy wanders between the rooms, and loves getting attention from our staff in the room.   Remy is a certified therapy dog, and he was one of the reasons that we wanted our dog Roxy to become a therapy dog.  Our class starts in the middle of March, so you might see us working on some training with her in the lobby from time to time. Have a good night.


My Lunch Date

Teddi was one of the first dogs through our door when we opened, and now Teddi comes to spend the night in our dog hotel.  Teddi is such a sweet girl and we love to spoil her, so today she joined me in our office for lunch.  Oh, lunch was great!  It was a slice of rasberry cheesecake from Muddy Paws Cheesecake for me and a Flossy for Teddi.  Tami who is one of our groomers, owns Muddy Paws Cheesecake, and sometimes will bring in samples.  YUM!!! Have a great night.