What sets us apart....

dog daycare in Minneapolis, edina and st louis park Last Friday, I was giving a tour of our doggy daycare, and most guests ask the same questions so we are ready to respond to them.  Most have to do with how often the dogs go outside, how many staff are in the rooms and how to watch the webcams... She asked "What sets us apart from other doggy daycares"... I thought this was a great question and very rarely do people ask it..  So many thoughts came to mind and I really did not know where to start.  So I started talking about how Trycia and I are always involved in the business.  I really think that this is one of the reasons Pampered Pooch Playground has been so successful since we opened.  We simply don't sit in an office all day, we interact with guests and staff and know the inner-workings of the daycare.  We are not owners  that do interviews staff, and sits in an office all day! Even when we opened Bubbly Paws Dog Wash 2 years ago, our commitment to PPP has never changed; It will always be our baby!

Then I started to talk about our staff... We only hire people that LOVE dogs and I think it shows!  Finding and keeping good employees is hard, and we really do treat our staff like our extended family.  We try to create a fun and upbeat workplace where we are excited to greet our 4 legged guests each day!

And finally our use of technology.  From our webcams, iPhone/droid apps, texting, facebook/twitter  and old school emailing we try to be as wired as possible  We have an exciting technology update that will take place in late spring and can't wait for it to happen! I will talk more about this soon.

I purposely left out the awards and other things that we have won as a daycare, because I feel that our service should speak for itself.  Anyone can say that they were "voted best dog daycare in 2011,2010, and 2009" or "best place to spoil your dog"... We have won both awards, if you were wondering, but i don't want to brag with those :)

Hope everyone has a great day!




Thanks Brent!

Minnie at Doggy Daycare This past week we have been really busy putting the finishing touches on our new website we have nicknamed PPP 3.0!  Minnie's mom sent me an email the day after our new website launched and after reading the staff page, noticed that Brent was not listed on there anymore.  Brent has been working for us for about 2 years and he just moved to the west cost, and we were really sad to see him leave!  He loved working with the dogs, and was one of the dogs favorite employees in the Ruff House.  Normally we put a Facebook post up on someones last day, and I feel really bad that is slipped through the cracks.  His last day was Thanksgiving,  So I guess a full blown blog post is almost cooler!  We miss him and wish him the best of luck!

Have a good night!



PPP Staff Holiday Party

indoor rock climbing in minneapolis, mn Last night we had our Pampered Pooch Playground holiday party for our staff.  Every year we try to pick something fun to do, and this year we took them indoor rock climbing.  We rented out the entire place and everyone loved it!  Our staff is amazing and they work so hard, this was the least we could do to reward them!

Have a great night.