fashion week

Off to the show!

Buckley the Bernese Mountain Dog at doggy daycare As many of you know we love to support local companies (since we are a local company) and we use locally made Topline Canine shampoo and conditioner in our grooming salon.  Topline Canine is made by one of our customers and it is a product I really believe in and we were the first business in the country to sell it!  So the owner of the company asked if I would help represent him at a large pet expo in Chicago!  How could I pass that up?  Trycia and I were planning on attending the show anyway and it is geared to pet business owners.  So this weekend I will be there talking about how great Topline is and getting new and fresh ideas for our retail area.  This show is like NYC's fashion week for pet businesses and this is our first year attending it.  There are lots of industry people that I am really interested to meet and share ideas with.

Have a great weekend!