fire department

What a great day!

harborI think many of the big dogs were really excited to see the snow.  Many of the bigger guys loved playing outside until the snow melted.  Harbor's dad rode his bike to work today, then biked to the daycare to pick up Harbor and she runs alongside the bike.  I am amazed that Harbor still has any energy left after a long day at doggy daycare.  Good thing is they live less than a mile away!  That is some serious dedication to ride the bike in the snow and sleet! Every month we have a company come in and service our heating and cooling system and we normally do it on Mondays because it is a slower day in the daycare.  So when we do this, we put the big dogs on the small dog side, and the small dogs go into another room.  We have the system down good, and it only lasts like this for about 30 minutes, but the minute the big dogs go into a new room they get so excited!  They have to run around and check everything out.  So our service guy serviced all the units and the dogs returned to normal.  Then this afternoon the St Louis Park fire department came out to do their annual safety inspection.  They walked through the whole building and really enjoyed going in with the little dogs.  We passed our safety inspection with flying colors.  Other than that, the good news is we are working on creating another play area, and the construction will begin on that on Sunday.  More details on that very soon.

Have a great night.