Lake Minnetonka Fun

dogs at big island on lake minnetonkaYesterday Trycia and I went out on one of our friends boats on Lake Minnetonka and once we got to Big Island, we saw so many dogs!  We were walking along all the boats and saw Fletcher the Bernese Mountain Dog that was swimming, and when he got tired he would lay on his water mattress!  We stopped to talk with the owner and bonded over Bernese Mountain Dogs (maybe one day Roxy will lay on the mattress like Fletcher).  I wish i brought our camera because it was the cutest thing I have ever seen. We kept going and there must have been over 20 dogs that were all on boats or in the water.  Pretty cool!  My personal favorite was this picture I took of a guy pushing 4 of them on their water mattress.  He passed our boat 3 times!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Dog Wash

As many of you might know, we sponsored a dog wash at the Galaxy Drive In.  Our photographer friend Sarah Beth sent me one of the pictures she took.  More will be online very soon.  Side note... If you book a session with Sarah, mention PPP and you get a nice discount.  Fletcher was one of the dogs that we washed , and he is on Twitter as Fletchmasterp.  He is also a regular face around the PPP.


fletcher the wheatonMeet Fletcher, also known as FletchMasterP on Twitter who has 1,812 followers.  In my opinion, he is the most famous dog on Twitter!! I absolutely love his tweets and laugh almost every time he sends something out.  Oh, FletchMasterP has been known to tweet in his reservations (or should I say his demand for a reservation).  Fletcher can be seen tearing it up in the Ruff House and we caught him laying down for about a minute. Have a great weekend!  The weather will be awesome so we hope everyone can enjoy some time outside with their pooch!