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Sami- available for adoption at Pampered Pooch Playground in Minneapolis, MNThis past weekend, some of Trycia's family was in town and all of the kids wanted to come to the doggy daycare because they LOVE meeting all the dogs.  We stopped in on Saturday and Ava (Trycia's Niece) carried Sami around the entire time they were at Pampered Pooch Playground.  Sami is being fostered at Pampered for Underdog Rescue and would make a great addition!  Ava wanted to come back to PPP on Sunday just so she could play with Sami.  For more information on Sami, you can click here for his PetFinder page. Other than visiting the doggy daycare, we also took them to the Minnehaha Dog Park.  Check out the video we made.

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Welcome Back Drake

Drake came to visit dog daycareDrake, one of our old Pet Haven foster dogs stopped in to say hi to everyone today!  He has 3 legs but that does not stop him!  It has been about 5 months since I last saw him, and his tail started wagging the minute I walked in!  We love when Drake comes to visit, he gets LOTS of love and attention from the PPP staff (and even more from some of our older employees that were around when we fostered him).  I tried to take him on a walk with Roxy this morning, and all he wanted to do was lay in the grass and get his belly rubbed!  It was so great to see him today!

What a turnout!

What a turnout we hat for Sushi with your Poochie last night at Tiger Sushi in Uptown Minneapolis. So many of our customers were there, and we got to meet lots of new friends as well.  Sarah Beth Photography was there working her magic with the camera and she will have the pictures online soon.  Kaia who is one of the cattle dog mixes that comes to doggy daycare loved her doggy ice cream!  Kaia was also one of our old foster dogs that found her forever home! After the party was over last night, we started to plan our next big dog event!  As soon as we get all the details worked out, I will let you know what it is.

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Good News

Trevor the black labYou often hear about us talking about our Pet Haven dogs that we foster at Pampered Pooch Playground. Today we got some really good news that our last foster dog, Trevor, just got adopted! We are so excited for him and his new home. You can read more about Trevor on the Pet Haven Blog.   Trevor was also featured in the Pet Haven fall benefit! Now, we are working on finding Pepper, our current foster dog a home!  Many of you might have gotten to meet pepper, he loves to hang out in our employees break room, and loves to watch people come in the lobby!  You can also read more about Pepper here.