Going Green is not Easy

Today, we decided to have some fun at daycare and we entered all of our daycare dogs names into a hat and drew one lucky winner for a free bath.  The big (or little) winner was Bella the pom!  Bella loves to hang out in the Canine Cove! I spent a good portion of the afternoon of taking our enrollment process "green".  Now there is no need to print anything out, you can do everything online and submit it electronically.  This is a small step at "saving the world", but this paper adds up!  As with most everything we do at the PPP, we try to be as green as possible!

Have a good night!


Help us out.... Win Dog Day Care!!

This weekend we are starting the construction on our new play area and we just realized we should name each of the rooms.  Right now we call them the "front" and the "back".  How lame is that??  The worst part is that the front is not even in the front!!  We want you to help name the rooms for us!  If you come up with the winning name, for a room, you will get a free day of dog daycare for your pooch.  Just email Names with your names.  You can name 1 room or all 3. Here is a description of each of the rooms:

1- "Front" play room - This is where the wild big dogs go.  They love to play, and play hard!  The room is about 3,500 sqft!

2- "Back" play room - This is the more laid back group of dogs.  They love to play but they also love to have some down time.  This is where all the small dogs and the mellow big guys go.  After the construction, this room will be about 2,500 sqft.

3 - "the new room" - This room is designed for the older guys where they just want to relax and hang out.  They will play, but also love some down time and lots of attention.  There will be plenty of beds and possibly a TV.  Some of the little guys can also go into this room. This Room will be about 2,000 sqft.

Have fun and the contest will end Wednesday night.

Toxic Poop!

Canines_Clean_WaterDid you know that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) puts dog waste in the same category as oil and toxic chemicals? That's why this past June the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board launched the “Canines for Clean Water” summer movie series—the most enjoyable way to crack down on improperly managed dog poop ever conceived. Next up? MPRB , Pampered Pooch Playground and Sidewalk Dog are teaming up to host a super fun contest!

We're looking for ten valid yet funny reasons to pick up after your dog. If you're among the ten winners, your reason will appear on a poster along with a photo of your dog. Photos will be taken by Sarah Beth Photography; posters will be displayed throughout the Minneapolis park system and featured on Sidewalk Dog's blog. Plus, all winners will receive cool gear from Stunt Puppy, and the grand prize winner will also receive a $50 gift card to Pampered Pooch Playground.  YIPPIE!!!!

Enter to win: Email your reason to by 9/30/09 (fall/winter themes welcome). Ten (10) winners will be chosen and notified shortly thereafter.  For more details visit

Good luck form all of us at the PPP!

Name that breed... Take #2

Here we go again... The rules are the same as last time.. First person to comment with the correct breed will win a day of doggie daycare. The breed that we are thinking is first and foremost one of the oldest, if not the oldest, of herding breeds.  We have a dog of this breed named "Bella" that comes to daycare.

Have fun!

--->> UPDATE... We have a Winner... It was a Rottweiler.  Way to go Fletcher's Mom!

Name that breed.....

OK, time to play a fun game to win a free day of Doggy Daycare.  We are going to describe a dog breed, and the first person to post a comment with the correct breed will win.  Make sure to include your name or dog's name so we know who you are.  Keep in mind that comments do not always post right away. Now, on with the game..... This breed is part of the herding class.  This breed was once used primarily by shepards but is now a popular family dog.  We have one of these breeds that comes to daycare, and his name is Cody.  What breed is this????

WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!!  The correct response was a Bearded Collie.  For some reason this post went up early, so we will try another one at 2pm :)  We will email the winner right now!