french bulldog

Gettin' My Hair Did

Cheech at the Julia Brety Hair Salon in Edina, MNI really love to support customers that support us!  One of our first doggy daycare dogs was Cosi, the French Bulldog and her mom is a hair dresser.  So Trycia and I both go to her to get our hair done.  Her mom, Michaela works at the Julia Bretey Salon at 50th and France in Edina.  When I was getting my hair cut today, I noticed this little puff ball  named Cheech who was sitting so perfectly on a stool.  Cheech belongs to one of the hair dressers there!  I really love going to places that let employees bring their dogs to work!  They have told us that we can Bring Roxy, but I think she is a little too large to sit on that stool :) . So, if you are in need of a great hair stylist that has 2 really cool dogs, call Michaela! Have a great night!

A Bitter Sweet Day

Izzy's birthday at doggy daycare Today was a very exciting day, and sad day for the PPP crew!  One of our first daycare dogs, Moby the french bulldog, had his last day with us!  He will be moving to Sweeden with his parents!  Moby's mom is the person who suggested that we get beds for the playrooms.. Now we have over 20 beds :)  We are really doing to miss Moby, everyone was giving him lots of hugs today!!  Moby even brought the staff a bunch of Sweedish food, and it was YUMMY!!!  Thanks!

We also had 2 birthdays to celebrate today.  Izzie (the terrier) and Jack (the boston) both brought treats for everyone!

Finally, we got the good news that Guy passed his service dog test and has been placed in a home so he can work!  Guy was being fostered by one of our customers and it was the first time they tried doggy daycare with a service dog in training!  We are so glad that Guy found his forever home!!  Now Guy's parents are fostering another service dog in training, Phoebe!  I hope she follows in Guy's footsteps!

Oh, one more thing.. We had 5 Bernese dogs in our building today, with the youngest being 14 weeks old and the oldest was 6 years!

Have a good day!



I got my hair did!

french bulldog at doggy daycare We try hard to support the customers that support us, and one of the is Cosi the French Bulldog's mom, Michaela.  Trycia has been going to her for the past year to have her hair done, and today was my first trip to see her!  She did an awesome job (not like I have lots of hair), and the massage while you get your hair washed was amazing!  So if you are looking for a new hair dresser give a call (612.926.8689) to the Julia Bretey Salon in Edina and schedule an appointment with Michaela (she will tell you all about her upcoming wedding!)

Ok, so this whole blog post is not a huge commerical, here is what else happened.... I spent about 2 hours running some new eithernet wire (how fun is that) for our computer that is in the food prep area.  This computer was running on WIFI before, but our doggy daycare software ran too slow on that type of connection.  Most of the afternoon was spent dealing with the contractors for Bubbly Paws.

Starting Friday, it's Roxy's 12 days of Christmas... Details tomorrow on our Facebook page.

Have a fun night!


Cosi and Flynn

This week Trycia and I are on vacation so I am blogging with some of my favorite pictures from the previous week.  Cosi the french bulldog, and Flynn the golden doodle had fun playing last week.  Cosi always things she is a big dog and always finds the bigger ones to play with!! A big thanks to our staff for making this week go very smooth!  I know I have said it before, but I really know we have some of the best doggy daycare staff around!


Lobster and Benson

Today I was in the Waggers Way dog daycare room for a few hours and I caught Benson (French Bulldog) and Lobster (Golden Retriever) taking a quick nap next to eachother.  The nap lasted about 4 minutes, but it was still really cute! Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Make sure your reservations are in, some days this week are close to full!


Whose ball is it!

Today in the "Zen Den", Alex, one of our staff members took this picture of Cosi (french bulldog) and Brandi (black lab) playing with the ball. Who said that big and small dogs can't get along??!!?? On another note, we are thinking about renaming the "Zen Den", becuse the name makes it sound like none of the dogs play.  In reality the "Zen Den" is very lively and the only room that we bring out toys and balls.   We don't use toys in the other rooms during doggy daycare because of the possession problems that are created over toys, and honestly we don't want to be breaking up fights all day over balls.  So sometimes we will put the dogs that we know enjoy playing with balls and toys into the "Zen Den"  where they can play with them.  Both Cosi and Brandi had a great time in there today. Sorry to cut this short, but I have been editing video for the Twin Cities Puppy Bowl and my eyes are tired of looking at the computer screen.

Have a good night.


All fresh and clean

dog daycare dogMischief (beagle) and her baby brother Benson (french bulldog puppy) dropped by doggy daycare today and their mom requested for them to have a bath before they went home because they have a photo shoot with Sarah Beth Photography tomorrow.  Both of them received their spa services and they look great and smell amazing and we know the pictures are going to turn out great! Lately I have been getting a bunch of emails asking where you get cool large dog jackets for the winter.  This was a tough question because Roxy is a cold weather dog and she does not have a jacket.  I asked our good friends Amber and Matt where they get their dogs clothing (they have 2 boxers).  Matt told me about  I went to their site and I love the clothing.

Have a good night.