golden doodle

Guess who has an audition this weekend?

Skippy the doodleToday, Skippy the doodle came in and he was excited like always because he loves doggy daycare.  He walks in with his head tilted, and smiling.... Then Skippy's dad asked if he could have a bath today because he had to look good for his audition this weekend.  Skippy will be trying out for the part of Sandy from Annie.  I think Skippy would make a great Sandy!  I will let you know how his audition goes.  If he makes it, the PPP staff should attend opening night! Hope everyone has a great weekend!




Jack the golden retriever Jack, the Golden Retriever, comes twice a week for doggy daycare.  He always comes in with the same smile on his face, and comes right up to the person at the front desk wanting to be pet which normally lasts about 4 minutes.  He is one laid back guy and seems to get along with any dog he comes in contact with! Jack loves to sit outside in the sun, breathe the fresh air while closing his eyes and pondering the day.  You can see many pictures of him doing this in our photo gallery :)  One of Jack's favorite buddies in daycare is Flynn (the Goldendoodle).  He is a great dog, and we are glad he is part of our pack!

Cosi and Flynn

This week Trycia and I are on vacation so I am blogging with some of my favorite pictures from the previous week.  Cosi the french bulldog, and Flynn the golden doodle had fun playing last week.  Cosi always things she is a big dog and always finds the bigger ones to play with!! A big thanks to our staff for making this week go very smooth!  I know I have said it before, but I really know we have some of the best doggy daycare staff around!