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Meet the Crew - Alicia

aliciaName: Alicia Length of time working here: Since November 2012

Do you have any pets?

I have a Border Collie mix named Georgia, Golden Retriever named Hunter and a Hedgehog named, Noka.  Georgia loves people and everyone that works at PPP wants to steal her!  Hunter loves playing with the dogs in the playrooms :)

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Adventures with the pups!  Hiking, camping, exploring and swimming!  Whatever the dogs want to do, we'll do it!

What is your favorite part about working at PPP?

Would it be cliche to say, the dogs?  Because it's clearly the dogs : )  What better place to work than a place where everyday is, "take your dog to work day"?!  They love it, I love it, it's the perfect job!

Funniest/Favorite PPP moment:

First Wednesday of the month... Tornado alarm testing day: All the dogs thought they would help by howling.  100+ dogs howling to the tornado sirens - at first I was trying to get them to stop but gave in and laughed while they sang for at least 10 minutes straight! :)


Dakota at petropawlis doggy daycareDakota the golden has been coming to doggy daycare almost every day for the past 7 months (I am guessing, it might have been longer).  I still remember the day that Dakota's mom called to set up her evaluation and she said she wanted Dakota to come to doggy daycare everyday.  I thought she was kidding about coming everyday, but now I know why Dakota comes everyday! She is one energetic golden retriever!  She is always so excited to walk in the front door and cant wait to see all of her friends.  She really loves the outside area!! Have a good night.



Let the Ruff House remodeling begin

Dakota at doggy daycare As some of you might know we have some remdeling that will be taking place over the next month (or a little longer, you know how construction people work).  The first project was started today. Our Ruff House dog daycare playroom will be getting a floor makeover.  The flooring is starting to be ripped up, and by next Tuesday morning the new floor will be installed and we will be able to use it.  Because I like to be "hands on", I started ripping up the floor today.  It is a good workout :)  The new floor going down is a brand new concept in doggy daycare flooring.  Most places take the inexpensive epoxy route, but that type of floor does not hold up, and dogs go sliding across it because it gets very slippery when it gets wet.  We will give you all the details once it is installed.

This is just the beginning of updates going on at the PPP.. Soon you will notice new paint outside the building (it has been pressure washed, and the painters are waiting for the weather to be perfect to paint), new grass, and our food prep and grooming areas will get a makeover.  Waggers Way will also get new flooring in about a month.

All of the PPP staff are very excited about these changes, and we are proud to be an industry leader when it comes to new products and innovations!

Have a good day!


One tired Ruff House Pooch!

Norman after a day in the Ruff House at doggy daycareNorman is one of the golden retrievers that really enjoys going to doggy daycare.  This past Wednesday he spent the whole day playing in the Ruff House and outside with the hose and water.  He played super hard!  Wednesday night, we had a fund raiser at Bubbly Paws, and guess who showed up..... Norman!  He was so tired from a long day at doggy daycare, that he decided to lay down for his bath!  He is such a sweet guy! Have a good weekend!


Barley goes to the groomer

barley goes to the dog groomerOne of the nice things about owning 2 pet related businesses is that they work together very well.  Barley, wanted grooming, and Tami was not available today at the PPP, so we were able to fit him in at Bubbly Paws Dog Wash.  Barley played in doggy daycare until 11am today, then we drove him over for his spa services.. He quickly made friends with Kallie who works there, she played with him until it was time for his grooming, and then when he was done, we took him back to the PPP to play with his friends at doggy daycare.  Barley had fun with his field trip today!  I love when we are able to work together like this! Those of you that are our friends on Facebook will notice the new picture I put up of Cash.  Cash is a Golden Retriever / Newfoundland puppy that belongs to Keri,  one of our employees.  I thought it would be fun to put up a weekly picture so everyone can see how much he has grown!  He is now a ball of energy!

Have a great night!




Jack the golden retriever Jack, the Golden Retriever, comes twice a week for doggy daycare.  He always comes in with the same smile on his face, and comes right up to the person at the front desk wanting to be pet which normally lasts about 4 minutes.  He is one laid back guy and seems to get along with any dog he comes in contact with! Jack loves to sit outside in the sun, breathe the fresh air while closing his eyes and pondering the day.  You can see many pictures of him doing this in our photo gallery :)  One of Jack's favorite buddies in daycare is Flynn (the Goldendoodle).  He is a great dog, and we are glad he is part of our pack!


Sparky - Australian shepard mixSparky is an Australian Shepard mix who really enjoys coming to doggy daycare.  Sparky is often seen riding in his dad's Jeep Wrangler with his head leaning over the side so he can have all of the wind in his face.  Our outside play area is Sparky's favorite place to be, and he gets really excited when we play with the water and pools.   Sparky's best friends are Boone (golden retriever), Lilah (golden retriever) and Finnegan (black lab).

Frost, Cody and Brett Favre

The big news today is that Brett Favre is coming back to the Minnesota Vikings and our Brett Favre contest is back on.  If you get Brett to stop into our lobby and mention you name you get a 20 day package for doggy daycare.  If he stops in and mentions your name while wearing a Minnesota Vikings OR Green Bay Packers jersey, you will get a 30 day package.  When we announced this contest on our Facebook page earlier today, Mike (one of our customers) asked what happens if he comes in with his walker?  Well, if that happens you will get a free bath for your pooch in addition to the other prizes!  Have fun! Today Trycia was taking more pictures at doggy daycare and they are all in the August Photo Gallery.  I think one of my favorites was with Frost (white German Shepard) and Cody (Golden Retriever) laying in one of the pools together!

Have a good night.



Lilah is a golden retriever puppy that looks forward to coming to doggy daycare every week.  When she is not running and wrestling with the other golden retrievers in the Ruff House she can be seen enjoying our water sports outside, one of her favorites is the sprinkler.  Lilah will do just about anything if it involves water from chasing and drinking from the hose to laying in the pool to cool off.  Lilah is friends with every dog, but some of her best friends are the other golden puppies; Boon, Cody, and Rosie.

Dog Park Fun

Today we took Roxy to her favorite dog park in Minneapolis and I was shocked by how many of our customers we saw there today.  It is always fun to see how the dogs play when they are outside the daycare.  It was so much fun watching Jack the golden retriever fetch his "pig" in the water.  We were hoping that Jack would teach Roxy to swim!  When Jack comes to doggy daycare, he comes in with a huge smile on his face, and you have to pet him for about 5 minutes :) Hope everyone had a great weekend and stayed cool today!