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Spring Break at Pampered Pooch!

As many of you have noticed, we have very limited availability for doggy daycare and boarding until Monday, April 6th because of spring break.  This year, spring break has been a little different than normal. In years past Minneapolis, Edina, and St Louis Park all had different weeks for their spring break... This year all these cities have the same week for spring break, and then it is followed directly by Easter weekend.

Each day, we limit the number of dogs in our care to make sure each dog gets enough love and attention, but we also want to make sure we create a safe and not over-crowded daycare setting.  Because out hotel is so full with the spring break guests, we have to cut way back on the amount of daycare dogs we accept during this time.... We really hate to say we are full and add people to our waiting list, but this is just a very busy time for us.

Now would be a great time to make your April Doggy Daycare reservations, just click here.

Thanks so much for your Patience, and things should be back to normal on Monday, April 6th!

Have a safe spring break!


The Great Minnesota Pet Food Drive

Pampered Pooch Playground is a founding member of the Twin Cities Dog Daycare Assoication, which helps to set standards of care in the pet care industry.  We have teamed up for a friendly competition with the other members (Downtown Dogs, Dog Day Getaway, Dog Days, and Camp Bow Wow - Burnsville) to see which doggy daycare can raise the most food for local pet rescues between November 1st - December 15th! (last year we came in 2nd place)!

You can drop off food (opened bags must be taped closed), toys, bedding or treats at Pampered Pooch Playground.  You can also donate money in our lobby!

For every $5 or 5 Pounds of food you donate, you will receive 1 entry into our weekly drawing for prizes!

This week's prize is: The chance to be the dog of the month for January.  Prize package includes a photo session with Eva Noth photography and a free print.

Thanks for helping out the dogs in need this holiday season!

Hello Hobbes

hobbs the beagle at doggy daycare in St Louis Park, MN Hobbes the Beagle has been coming to doggy daycare for about a year... When he comes into the building he gets so excited that he rolls over so I can rub his belly.   His mom said he knows "lets go see Keith" and he gets excited.  These belly rubs could last 5 minutes!! So I thought I would share the love!  Hobbes also loves Sarah who is one of our dog handlers.  The other day, Sarah was petting him and I was trying to teach Hobbes the name "Sarah".  We will see if this works!

Hobbes also lives about 4 houses away from us.  When we are out walking Roxy, sometimes Hobbes will be outside in their backyard and you will see him try to get under the fence so I can pet him.

I remember one of the first conversations I had with his parents... They had just moved here and I was talking about how dog friendly Minneapolis is and told them about a few of our favorite dog friendly restaurants.  Then about 2 weeks later, they told me how much they enjoyed going to Pizzeria Lola and it was close to where they lived.

Hobbes is such a sweet beagle and we love that he comes to doggy daycare and that I give amazing belly rubs!

Have a good night!


Walk for the Animals

Wow, what a morning!  There were over 8000 people that were at the Walk for the Animals today.  We saw so many of our dogs and customers.  Roxy was the greeter at our booth.  This was our 3rd year at this fun event.   A few things that we saw: 1- Monkey

1- Goat

3- Clowns

5- Pampered Pooch Employees walking the walk

1- bunny in a cage around a lady's neck

1- cat in wagon

3- ferrets

76 - dachshund's

A Big thanks to TopLine Canine for the samples that we were handing out and to Jennifer of Bits of Love Pet Massage for doing massages at our booth.

Welcome Back Bella

Model dog daycae dogA big PPP welcome back to Bella, who was one of our first Doggy Daycare dogs!  Last fall she tore both of her ACL's and this was her first day back.  She was so excited when she ran in the lobby, she jumped up and gave a huge hug and kiss.  You can tell that Bella had some built up energy, she was a playing-fool today! Other PPP News.  Heather just announced some new training classes that are starting soon.  Puppy and Dog Training at Pampered Pooch Playground is lots of fun and the small class sizes are a huge plus.  For more information on dog and puppy training classes visit our training page.


Every Dog Is GREEN Today

Happy St. Patrick's Day.  The day started off with many of our staff getting dressed up for the holiday and props go to Jamie and Erin O for going all out with their outfits!! Then, once most of the dogs were checked in for daycare, we started to dress them up and take pictures.  We tried to dress up most of the dogs, but not everyone loved the head wear :)  If you want to see all the fun, check out our March photo gallery.  Oh, did I mention that we had Irish music on all day, thanks to XM Radio. Have a great night.

Happy 2nd Birthday Schatzie

Schatzie, a German Shorthair comes to doggy daycare every weekday and hangs out in the Ruff House and today she turned 2.  She came in with a HUGE bag of treats for everyone!  Schatzie can be seen running all around the Ruff House and standing in the castle looking out the window.  One would think that going to doggy daycare everyday would make her tired at home.  WRONG!  She goes home after daycare and will go hunting in the backyard for a few hours. Another sign that the warm weather is here to stay.  Today I re-installed our webcam in the outdoor play area.  We took it down over winter because the cold weather and webcams are not the best of friends.

Have a good night.


Jordan's TripI

The PPP staff is a very tight family and we try to support them in any way we can.  Jordan, who is one of our ex-employees is doing something pretty cool.  We caught up with him while we were walking around Lake Harriet last weekend.  He is walking from Minneapolis to Miami to raise money for Haiti.  Many of the PPP crew plan to join him on the first few miles of his journey, and we will keep in touch with him on the way.  He was just featured on the FOX 9 news.  Take a look at his interview. You can visit Jordan's website for more information. We are in the process of adding something pretty cool for the PPP.  I was working hard on it today, but it will not be done for over a month.  It is worth the wait :)