Doodle Max

Max is one of the goldendoodle's that comes to doggy daycare and he always gets so excited when I walk in the room.  Yesterday when I was done shoveling our outside area, I went into the room to talk with our staff and Max's tail started to wag from across the room when he saw me.  He came running over to me and jumped on one of the bunk beds so he could get closer.  While I was talking to our staff for about 10 minutes, max also got lots of attention, because once you start petting him, he does not let you stop.  He is such a sweet dog.  Max is also one of our models at Bubbly Paws, you can see him on our price cards.  After our hug fest was over, I let max and some of the other dogs come outside and we had fun playing with the snow! Have a good night!



Lewis the doodle hanging outside at doggy daycare in Minneapolis Louis is a Goldendoodle that has been coming to doggy daycare for over a year now.  He is soooo excited to walk in the door he can hardly contain himself!     Louis loves all dogs and can be seen playing in the Ruff House or Waggers Way, depending on his energy level :)  He loves water and when he can't play with the hose outside he likes to dump water on the floor and lay in it. Louis can also be seen in our spa getting groomed by Tami.  We love having Louis visit us at Pampered Pooch Playground!