great dane

Otis turns 3

Otis the Great DaneA big PPP Happy Birthday goes out to Otis the great dane.  Otis was one of the first dogs that attended daycare almost 3 years ago when we first opened.  Back then, we had very few visitors during the day and I was sealing the floor in the lobby.  It would take about 30 minutes for the sealer to dry and we did not expect anyone to stop in.  About 4 minutes into my sealing of the floor, the front door opened and Otis the great dane puppy walked in.  I had to stop them, because the sealer was wet and I ended up carrying Otis over the wet area.  Wow, have things changed!  Now we can't seal floors during the day and Otis is HUGE!  He celebrated his 3rd birthday with all of his doggy daycare friends in the Canine Cove and his sister Sadie the pug.  Otis is also well known for his creative and unique halloween costumes! Happy Birthday Otis!

Brother and Sister!

nap time at doggy daycare in Minneapolis, mn Those of you that have been reading our blog and following us on Facebook most likely have seen the pictures of Otis and Sadie napping at doggy daycare.  This time, they have been boarding in our pooch hotel and have to always be together!  Sometimes we will put them in the Canine Cove which is where the smaller dogs go and it is so funny because Otis towers over all the other dogs, but he really loves it in there.  These "naptime" pictures happen all the time, this is how they nap everyday when they get tired.  So cute!

Sorry there have not been lots of blog posts lately, we have been really busy with all of our hotel guests and making sure everything runs smooth during our busiest time of the year.

Have a good night.


Ok, who ate the cake?

Yesterday started out really funny!  Lauren, one of our doggy daycare staffers came into the lobby asking me if "I ate the red velvet cake in the kitchen"?  I responded "There is cake in the kitchen???".  It turns out that another staff member baked a cake for everyone and put it in the kitchen, and 99% of the time I am the last to know what is in the kitchen! Well, the 9 inch cake was gone, except for a few crumbs!  I did think it was odd that someone had left the frosting on the floor.  After further review we figured out that it was our dog Roxy that put her front paws on the counter and ate all of it.  We called Roxy into the kitchen and she looked really guilty.  I was telling one of our owners that has a great dane and they just laughed!  In the picture is Roxy relaxing at her favorite place on earth!  The minneaahaha falls dog park! Last night we took the staff out to the Saint Paul Saints baseball game.  Everyone had a great time until the severe weather came in and the stadium emptied.

Have a good day!


The adventures of Otis and Simon

Who said that big dogs and smaller dogs can't be friends?  As you might know we split up the daycare dogs by size AND play style which means that there are some big dogs in with the smaller dogs.  The bigger dogs that play with the smaller dogs are ones that we really know and know that they enjoy the smaller dog style of play.  All of our staff were having fun watching Otis (the great dane) and Simon (english bulldog) playing together in the Zen Den today.  A big thank you to our staff (Melissa and Heather) for making this video.  This adventure went on for a few hours ;)

Oh what a day in the Zen Den

Today our doggy daycare Zen Den was packed with some larger dogs that just wanted to lay around.  In the Zen Den were Skippy (doodle), Mia (leonberger), Otis (great dane), and Starbuck (st. Bernard).  Most of these guys have been spending the night boarding in our Hotel.  One big part of our hotel service is to make sure each dog gets plenty of rest, as attending doggy daycare takes lots of energy.  So all of them were in the Zen Den and I am sure that it looked really funny on the webcam.  Before Starbuck went home, Jamie gave this big puppy a bath. Hope you have a great night.


Naptime with Otis and Sadie

Many of you will remember Otis the great dane who comes to doggy daycare every day.  A few weeks ago, Otis got a new pug sister, Sadie and yesterday was her 2nd day at doggy daycare.  At first she was a little shy, but then she really came out of her shell and opened up!  Yesterday, Jamie took a great picture of then napping together!  For the first part of the day, we had them in different play rooms, and when we brought them together for lunch, they got so excited to see each other! Have a good day!



Say hello to Duncan who is a is a mastiff puppy and one of the larger dogs that comes to doggie daycare.  Today I was standing in the play area and Duncan was standing under Otis who is a great dane.  It was really the strangest thing I have ever seen, and I really wanted to run grab my camera, but knew that by the time I got back the photo opportunity would be gone.  They stood like this for about 3 minutes. Trycia was everywhere taking pictures today, make sure you check the November photo gallery for your pooch.

Have a good night.


Woof-n-Treat - SUCCESS!

117A BIG thank you to everyone that came to our 2nd annual Woof-n-Treat Halloween party at Scoopy PooSarah Beth Photography took some great pictures and she will have the online soon.  Later this week we will announce the costume contest winners.  There were so many great costumes, it will be hard to pick.  Many of you saw Otis the great dane, come in and have his picture taken.  He did great, Otis is always scared or shy of new situations, and he really did great at the Halloween party!  We are so proud of him!! Trycia also captured some great pictures!  They are in our photo gallery.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween.