Roxy’s 9 days of Christmas – Day 5

Today we are talking about the biodegradable poop bags that we use in the daycare.  We are the only doggy daycare in the Twin Cities that uses biodegradable poop bags to clean up after the dogs.  We feel that this is one of the many ways that we can be green!  We also sell these bags in the lobby!  Oh, these bags were also featured on Oprah!  From now until December 24th, the boxes are $6. Day 1 - 10% off all Bella Bean Collars

Day 2- Topline Canine shampoo/conditioner - $7/bottle

Day 3- Zukes treats - $1 off

Day 4- Barkology clothing- $5 off

Day 5 - Poop Bags - $6/box

Going Green is not Easy

Today, we decided to have some fun at daycare and we entered all of our daycare dogs names into a hat and drew one lucky winner for a free bath.  The big (or little) winner was Bella the pom!  Bella loves to hang out in the Canine Cove! I spent a good portion of the afternoon of taking our enrollment process "green".  Now there is no need to print anything out, you can do everything online and submit it electronically.  This is a small step at "saving the world", but this paper adds up!  As with most everything we do at the PPP, we try to be as green as possible!

Have a good night!


Lovin' the Lob

Lobster is a regular customer for boarding in the Pampered Pooch Playground hotel.  He enjoys playing with all the dogs and spent some time outside catching some sun!  He loves to have his belly rubbed! Today, I spent a good part of the morning updating some of the technology that we use for the daycare.  We are trying to go as paperless as possible and are trying to get the systems in place to do that.

Trycia just added a bunch of new pictures to our July photo gallery.

Have a good night.


A Sunny Week

Here is one of my favorite pictures from the past week at doggy daycare.  Simon the bulldog loves to lay outside in the sun.  Last Friday we were putting together something new for the outside area, and there was Simon watching our every move.  He will be really excited with what we have planned for our outside area.  Next Sunday (weather permitting) everything will begin!  You want to know what is going on??? We will be the first doggy daycare in the Twin Cities to use recycled sports turf in the outside area.  The gravel will be covered with some of the University of Arazona turf (who knows there might be a 50 yard line somewhere).  We are really excited for this, and it is just another way that we try to be green!

Every Dog Is GREEN Today

Happy St. Patrick's Day.  The day started off with many of our staff getting dressed up for the holiday and props go to Jamie and Erin O for going all out with their outfits!! Then, once most of the dogs were checked in for daycare, we started to dress them up and take pictures.  We tried to dress up most of the dogs, but not everyone loved the head wear :)  If you want to see all the fun, check out our March photo gallery.  Oh, did I mention that we had Irish music on all day, thanks to XM Radio. Have a great night.

A few random thoughts.

sodasnap This weekend Trycia and I went away to Duluth for a few days and I am sitting in the lobby of the hotel sipping a coffee and a few thoughts from the week came to me:

1- I ordered a bunch of items (9) for the daycare from all of which were the same and very small.  I just logged in to track their progress and they all came from the same warehouse, and Amazon decided to put each one in their own box.  So now the UPS man will be delivering 9 boxes rather than 1.  Come on Amazon, what are you thinking, try going green!  When we order products for the doggy daycare, we try to find the most green option out there.

2- Last night we went out to Fitger's brewhouse for dinner and while sitting on the patio we started to talk to some people who just came in with their dog.  They said that they were also from Minneapolis and I made the comment of how much more dog friendly Minneapolis is than Duluth.  Minneapolis places in the top 10 list of dog friendly cities in the United States.  If you are looking for dog friendly places in Minneapolis, make sure to check out Sidewalk Dog.  After talking to these people more, we found out that they go to one of the Minneapolis dog parks and know one of our dogs that comes to daycare pretty often.  Talk about random.

That is about all for now!  Have a great sunday!