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Meet the Crew - Melissa

Name: Melissa Length of time working here: May 2009

Do you have any pets?

Cyrus the tri-pod Min Pin!  He lost his leg to a bad infection in December 2012 but don't feel bad for him... he doesn't let it stop him from getting treats and keeping other dogs in line!  He's so good at walking/running around and can even do a one-armed play bow :)

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I'm originally from Green Bay so I'm a die-hard Packer fan :)  I LOVE cheering on the Packers!  Go Pack!  I also like to work out, play sports, go to the dog park and hang out with my friends.

What is your favorite part about working at PPP?

I love getting to know all the different personalities that dogs have.  I also enjoy getting to know all the clients!

Funniest/Favorite PPP moment:

One time, I was cleaning the outdoor play area and when I came in, Ellen screamed and started pointing at me!  I had no idea why she was screaming so I jumped around too!  Turns out I had a huge cicada bug on my shoulder :)

Frost, Cody and Brett Favre

The big news today is that Brett Favre is coming back to the Minnesota Vikings and our Brett Favre contest is back on.  If you get Brett to stop into our lobby and mention you name you get a 20 day package for doggy daycare.  If he stops in and mentions your name while wearing a Minnesota Vikings OR Green Bay Packers jersey, you will get a 30 day package.  When we announced this contest on our Facebook page earlier today, Mike (one of our customers) asked what happens if he comes in with his walker?  Well, if that happens you will get a free bath for your pooch in addition to the other prizes!  Have fun! Today Trycia was taking more pictures at doggy daycare and they are all in the August Photo Gallery.  I think one of my favorites was with Frost (white German Shepard) and Cody (Golden Retriever) laying in one of the pools together!

Have a good night.