The adventures of Otis and Simon

Who said that big dogs and smaller dogs can't be friends?  As you might know we split up the daycare dogs by size AND play style which means that there are some big dogs in with the smaller dogs.  The bigger dogs that play with the smaller dogs are ones that we really know and know that they enjoy the smaller dog style of play.  All of our staff were having fun watching Otis (the great dane) and Simon (english bulldog) playing together in the Zen Den today.  A big thank you to our staff (Melissa and Heather) for making this video.  This adventure went on for a few hours ;)

We're More than Doggy Daycare

So many of my blog posts focus on what goes in at Doggy Daycare, and I always seem to forget about the other services we offer like Training and our Spa / Grooming Services.  I am going to work harder to talk about these services, because I know many of you take advantage of them.  Today I had a meeting in our training room (I hate to meet in our office, so we use our training room as a office sometimes).  Heather had the first Play and Train session with Reagan today who is a golden retriever puppy.  We are the only doggy daycare to offer a play and train program.  You drop your dog off for a day of daycare and Heather will work 1 on 1 with your dog to achieve the behavior you want.  This is a great program and I love that so many of our customers take advantage of it. Have a great night.