Our new website

Roxy launched the new Pampered Pooch Playground website Some of you might have noticed that we launched our new website today and we LOVE it!  We try to create a fun website that our customers will enjoy using, and make it very easy to navigate.  The biggest factor in designing the new website was the webcams, since this is why most of our customers visit.  We tried to make it as easy as possible to switch between rooms.  There is still a little tweaking and working out some of the bugs.  If you notice any problems please let us know.

As I was cleaning up our server I came across our first website we launched before we opened, all we had on there was stock pictures of random dogs playing at parks.  I am always amazed at how much we have grown, and we could never have done this without all of our great customers!

Have a great night!




Skippy the goldendoodle has been using our doggy daycare and hotel service for over 3 years.  When he gets dropped off, he always turns his head and smiles in excitement... Then he gets even more excited when we take him into the play area where he gets to hang out with all of his doggy friends.  Skippy auditioned for the Sandy in the musical Annie and we gave him a pre-audition bath so he would look his best.  He did not get the part, but if we were the judges, we would have picked him!  Skippy's parents love to send him postcards when they are out of town (we think it is pretty cute as well).  Our facebook fans will remember this video of the postcard Skippy received last spring.

Severe Weather

I have been very busy watching the news and weather radar because we take storm season very seriously at Pampered Pooch Playground.  We get breaking weather alerts from the National Weather Service by text and email, and I always stay on top of what was going on.  Tonight as the tornado sirens kept going off, I was talking with Katie and Dana at the daycare to make sure that they and the dogs are ok.  We do have a set of procedures on how to react when there is any type of severe weather warning, or tornado in the area.  Our first priority is to keep the dogs safe.   If there is severe weather overnight, I am always on call and have plans for someone to spend the night at the doggy daycare if needed.

Have a good night and stay safe!


Louise and the Shovel

Louise the weimaraner This morning I went to the doggy daycare bright and early to shovel our large outside play area. Surprisingly it is much easer to shovel snow BEFORE it is trampled down by a bunch of dogs playing in it.  Anyway, when we do projects like this, sometimes we will have a few of the dogs  around that like to help!  This morning one of the dogs outside with my while I was shoveling was Louise the Weimaraner who has been boarding in our hotel!  She kept chasing the shovel back and forth anytime I moved it.  She had so much fun doing this!  Louise was one of our first dogs through our door when we opened!  Louise's dad owns a great business down the street, Chux Screen Printing, and they print the logo's on all of our clothing.  When Louise is not at doggy daycare, she can often be seen running around the Chux offices.  I stopped in one day, and she was VERY excited to see me!

Have a great day!


Satchel and the tub

I am so sorry that it has been such a long time since I have blogged about the happenings at doggy daycare.  Wow, yesterday was a really funny day.  I was at the gym and saw I missed a call.  So I called the daycare back to make sure everything was ok, and it was one of the funniest stories I had heard.  Satchel who is a yellow lab that comes all the time was having a bath.  They were able to get him in the tub just fine, but would not get out.  They tried just about everything they new, but it took 3 people to get him out of the tub.  They said, he just wanted to keep playing with the water because the bath was so much fun!  How funny!!  I wish I had a video of this. Say hello to Kato who is spending a few nights with us in the hotel.

Have a good night.


Doggie daycare tech

We stopped a small hotel that ended up being super dog friendly while we were on vacation. I thought that it was pretty cool, from water bowls and treat dispensers in the lobby to a special welcome sign for the pooch. I wish we would have brought Roxy with us! List night we stopped for a drink with and started to talk to a woman who takes her dog to a doggy daycare here in Seattle. I asked if her daycare had an iPhone app, and she said "NO" and instantly Tweeted her husband who is a big wig at Microsoft. She was really upset that they did not have an app! I also mentioned that we were the first and still one of the only doggy daycares in the country to have an app. Now the next question, how soon until Microsoft builds an app for the doggy daycare world?

Have a good day!


More Pictures

As many of you know Trycia loves to take pictures of our doggy daycare and hotel guests!  She just uploaded some new ones to the August photo gallery.  Deluca who is in the picture is one of the Jack Russell Terriers that comes to doggy daycare .  Oh, she comes with her brother Dean.  Those of you who have been to New York, will think the names are pretty funny! I just ordered a camera that goes around a dogs collar so we can see what they see.  I can't wait to try it out!

Have a great weekend!


We're not just a business!

When you go to many businesses, you are treated like a customer and all the business wants in money in exchange for their goods or services.  That is not the case with us.  I personally think of all the dogs as part of our family (some might be part of the distant family or the crazy uncle... HA!).  Anyway we really try to give that feel when you walk in the front door.  So many places are cold, commerical or just have a franchise or hotel feel.  The reason I bring this up is, I love to help our customers succeed in their careers and let others know what they do.  From time to time, I mention some of the cool jobs that our customers have and I like to talk about it on here. Before we started the daycare I worked in radio and I did a weight loss program on the air and lost over 55 pounds!  Since then, I have put back on about 20 of the pounds and decided it is time to take them off again!  Today I went for my 2nd personal training session with Waffles mom, Lori.  Lori is a personal trainer and a professional fitness model, and she has been featured in some major publications.  She just opened a brand new workout studio in St Louis Park which is about 4 minutes from the PPP.  So I had a great workout with Lori today!  To learn more about Lori, you can check out her website.  Waffles the doodle really enjoys being groomed!  I have never met a dog that will just stand on the grooming table for 2 hours at a time, but Waffles loves it and she is a model grooming dog!  Last time she was groomed, Tami our groomer gave her som "Ugg Boots" on her legs, and it looks super cool!

Have a good night.


Max has grown!!

Say hello to Max the Bernese Mountain Dog.  His mom lives out of state and travels to Minneapolis for the summer and last summer he was a 6 month old puppy when he left to go back home for the winter.  When he walked in last week to check in for his hotel visit, i did not even recognize him because he is now full grown!!  Max is one energetic dog and enjoys playing in all the rooms!  Today we had 2 other Bernese Mountain Dogs and they were all laying down by each other.  By the time I ran to our office to get my phone to take a picture, they had moved! Hope everyone had a great weekend.  There are still a few tickets available for Sushi With Your Poochie tomorrow and Wednesday nights at Tiger Sushi in Uptown.


Skippy goes home

Today was a very exciting day for Skippy the doodle who has been spending the night in our dog hotel for the past week.  Skippy is a regular face in our doggy daycare and he is always excited to come and play, and he gets just as excited to go home.  I was up front when Skippy's dad came to pick him up and his tail was wagging so fast I thought it might fall off!  Skippy enjoys playing in all the rooms and he has lots of fun with all the dogs! Have a good night!