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Canine Carnival at Urban Eatery

Canine Carnival - Minneapolis Dog Event Pampered Pooch Playground has teamed up with Lucky Dog Pet Care to present the Canine Carnival on Saturday, May 18th from 10-1 at Urban Eatery.  Come hang out on the dog friendly patio right across from Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis and play games with your pooch!

Proceeds from carnival games and raffle benefit The Pet Project!

First-come first-serve dog-friendly patio seating Fun carnival atmosphere - Carnival barker & Tarot card reader Carnival games & prizes Special adult Carnival Cocktail Doggie Beer Bar Free samples from Barkley's Bistro (fresh and local - 98% locally sourced products)! Free samples from Nutri-Source (high-quality pet foods that you can trust) Raffle and Carnival Game proceeds benefit The Pet Project.

Saturday 18 May 2013 10 am - 1 pm Location:  Urban Eatery's dog-friendly patio On-leash dogs only please This is a free event - suggested donations for raffle and carnival games benefit The Pet Project No reservations required, seating is first come, first served.  please watch the Pampered Pooch Playground Facebook page if weather looks like it will be an issue.

Blue-Green Algae Warning

blue-green algae dog warning in Minneapolis, MNWith this extended stretch of warm weather, Blue-Green Algae has started to show up in Minnesota lakes earlier than normal.  The algae gathers on the surface of the water and is known to kill dogs if they drink enough of it. It can also cause rashes and respiratory problems for people. We found list of FAQ's about Blue-Green Algae.  When in doubt, it is safest to keep your dog out of the lakes.  We take Roxy to the Minnehaha dog park so she can walk in the river (which we feel is safer because the water flows more).  

What is Blue Green Algae? Blue Green Algae is the common name for Cyanobacteria. Most types of algae are not a problem.  Blue Green Algae, however, is very toxic.

What does Blue Green Algae look like?  Blue green algae does not float ON the water, it is distributed WITHIN the water.  The algae that floats on top is typically duckweed, which is not toxic.  Blue Green Algae laden water is not clear and generally takes on a deep dark green color.  Usually Blue Green Algae is found in the shallow bay of lakes, slews or ponds.

When is Blue Green Algae a problem?  

Blue Green Algae doesn’t always release it’s toxin.  The environmental temperature has to be right for this to happen.  In Minnesota, cyanobacteria toxins typically occur in July and August when water temperatures rise to 85 degrees and runoff fertilizer byproducts of nitrogen and phosphorous are present.

How does Blue Green Algae cause illness?  Animals (and people) can get sick from Blue Green Algae by drinking or swimming in the water.  The Algae releases a toxin into the water, and when ingested, the toxin can cause liver failure.

What are signs of Blue Green Algae toxicity?   Symptoms  include vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, seizures, respiratory distress and death.  Signs can occur within hours to days. What is the treatment for Blue Green Algae toxicity?  There is no specific treatment for Blue Green Algae toxicity.  Pets are treated with supportive care, typically IV fluids.  If you suspect that your pet has been exposed to Blue Green Algae, wear rubber gloves and bathe your pet immediatley.  Then bring your pet to the nearest Veterinarian.

How can I prevent Blue Green Algae Toxicity?  First, don’t let your pet drink or swim in water that is not clear.  Tests are available through the University of Minnesota Veterinary School Toxicology Unit that can test the water for presence of Blue Green Algae toxins.

Is it safe to give my pet Blue Green Algae herbal supplements?   No, you should not give your pet Blue Green Algae tablets.  A 2006 case at the University of Minnesota Veterinary School involved a sick cat with severely elevated liver enzymes after ingesting these tablets. The tablets that were given to the cat were analyzed and confirmed to contain blue green algae toxin.

Another Warm Weekend!

Just a reminder to make sure that you keep your dog cool and hydrated when it gets so warm!I love this warm weather that we have been having.  We wait all winter for the hot and humid days of summer, then we complain because it is too warm.  Part of working at Pampered Pooch Playground involves having fun outside of the doggy daycare!  Today Trycia, Ellen and Lauren all learned to paddle board on Lake Calhoun with Lulu Lemon.  They have a brand new store in the West End in St Louis Park,MN but our favorite store is still the one on 50th st. in Minneapolis because they are dog friendly!  Trycia now wants to buy a paddle board and take Roxy out on it.  Who knows if that will happen! Sorry this blog past had nothing to do with our doggy daycare and hotel service, but I thought it was cool to talk about!

Have a great weekend and stay cool!


Undercover Boss

I am not sure how many of you have watched the CBS show Undercover Boss, but I am a huge fan.  I know we are not a huge company (and never will be), but I like to think Trycia and I have a good handle of everything that goes on. Very often will you see us in back with the dogs and talking with our staff.  Last Friday, one of our cleaners was sick, so I picked up the slack and cleaned all 3 of the play areas after working a full day.  I actually enjoy doing these types of things because I feel that it keeps a business owner grounded, and in touch with what really goes on, how things work and what we can do to improve things.  While I was pushing our floor scrubber at 8:15pm last Friday, I had a thought of something we can do to make the cleaning process go faster.  I think there are many business owners that just don't try to interact with staff and actually have a handle on how things work, they are too busy sitting in an office talking the talk. Hope everyone had a great weekend!  Roxy enjoyed a long walk around Lake Calhoun today!


New Clothing

This past week we got a new delivery of clothing from Barkology from their spring catalog!  Some of the older items are on "sale" for 30% off. Speaking of spring, today was a beautiful day to enjoy being outside.  We went around Lake Calhoun with Roxy and her best friend Bindi (and her parents).  Both dogs LOVE the snow, and they will be really sad to see it go.

One final note.  My good friend Staci Matthews who hosts the afternoon show on KS95, just released a cool new book called Girlz In White Dresses.  Basically it is girls wearing wedding dresses in crazy places.  Many of my friends are featured in it (and if you look carefully you will see me in the background).

Hope everyone is able to enjoy a fun weekend with the warmer weather.