New Westminster Dog Show Breeds

LeonbergerTrycia and I like to watch the Westminster Dog Show on TV every year and love to cheer for the Bernese!  I think most people cheer for their favorite breed.  This year in the dog show there will be some new breeds, and one of the is one of my personal favorite breeds!  The Lenonberger!  They are such sweet large dogs!  You can see more of the breeds that will be featured in this years dog show on the Westminster Website. Have a good weekend!


Oh what a day in the Zen Den

Today our doggy daycare Zen Den was packed with some larger dogs that just wanted to lay around.  In the Zen Den were Skippy (doodle), Mia (leonberger), Otis (great dane), and Starbuck (st. Bernard).  Most of these guys have been spending the night boarding in our Hotel.  One big part of our hotel service is to make sure each dog gets plenty of rest, as attending doggy daycare takes lots of energy.  So all of them were in the Zen Den and I am sure that it looked really funny on the webcam.  Before Starbuck went home, Jamie gave this big puppy a bath. Hope you have a great night.



miaMia is one the regular faces at the Pampered Pooch Playground Hotel.  Mia is a Leonberger, and gets along great with the larger dogs and the smaller dogs.  She is pretty laid back and will play for a few minutes and then watch everyone play.  Mia is more of a people person and loves to be with people. Our vacation is going great and thanks to Roxy and Rowdy's dad we have an awesome tour lined up.  Stand by for details on that.  Last fall when we were here we came across the Winery Dogs of Sonoma and Napa.  It is a great book, with amazing pictures.  We looked up Bernese Mountain Dog, and the winery that had it was about an hour and a half away, so we decided not to visit.  I just checked in with Ash at the daycare and everything is running nice and smooth.  I knew this would be the case, but it just makes me feel batter.  You can call me an over protective parent.

Have a great night.