lil jon

Our LA Visit

photoLast weekend Trycia and I went to LA to visit some of our friends that just moved out there, but we also wanted to check out one of the doggy daycares that we have become friends with.  The owner was nice enough to take us around and show us the building, and I even got to meet Lil' Jon's dog.. (come on, you know who he is.. the rapper who sang Snap Yo Fingers Feat. Snoop Dogg).  The owner of that daycare and I have been working on designing something pretty cool for the past 3 months and I finally got to see a demo of it.  Hopefully if all goes well in the next 3 months you can see it also :) Other than that, we had lots of fun and even went on the TMZ Tour.. Don't believe me? Click here for a picture! Ha!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!