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Linden Hills Woofstock 2013

2013WoofstockPoster Bubbly Paws Dog Wash and Pampered Pooch Playground are proud to be the PRESENTING sponsors of the Linden Hills Woofstock.  We have sponsored this great dog event for the past 5 years and this year will be even better!  Stop back soon to see what great events we have planned at our booths this year!  For more information on Woofstock, click here.

Fun @ Woofstock!

This past Saturday was one of my favorite dog events of the year... Linden Hills Woofstock!  Everyone always asks why it is my favorite event, and it is because we live in the Linden Hills area and it is our way of giving back to the community in which we live!  Both our businesses have so much in common with those of Linden Hills Businesses (we are small, local, community minded and try hard to be as green as possible).  For the past 4 years Pampered Pooch Playground has been a presenting sponsor, and Bubbly Paws has been a sponsor for the past 2 years.  The highlight of my day was being one of the judges for the dog trick contest! There were so many great participants!  All the products that we had for sale were either made by a local company or a green product! People that stopped out got to have fun in the Photo Booth and sample the doggy beer.

While we were at Woofstock, Trycia and I were walking around with Roxy and were talking to one of the doggy daycare's that is part of the Twin Cities Dog Daycare Association, and we came up with a great idea for the holidays.  We will be meeting about it in the next few weeks to get the ball rolling!

Have a great weekend!


Skijoring with Roxy

Roxy skijoring on Lake HarrietWow!  The weather was so nice today, and Trycia and I decided it would be a good idea to try skijoring with Roxy. We went about 4 blocks from our house to Lake Harriet and then the fun began.  Roxy did pretty good..... She loves the snow and after a few minutes she was getting the idea of staying out of the way of the skis.  We went to the middle of the lake, and just let her run next to us, she was so happy and had so much fun!  I think after a few more tries she will become pretty good at it.  What a great weekend to get out and try it! Have a good weekend!


Hola Lola!

Lola the yellow lab at doggy daycare in Minneapolis,mn Lola is one of the Yellow Labs that comes to doggy daycare everyday!  She walks in the front dog and she is all wags when she comes in!  Lola is often seen playing in Waggers Way, and most of our staff refer to her as "Hola Lola".

There is a pretty big snowstorm that is going to happen tonight, and one of our customers asked "will someone be able to make it in Saturday".  Erin our manager replied, "Keith will always make it in no matter what the weather!  He will even drive in on a bulldozer if needed".  So funny, yet so true.  Now I need to see if any of our Linden Hills neighbors have a bulldozer!

Have a great night!


A Rox-Star?

Rolling Stone Cover - ROXY There were so many fun things to do with your dog at Woofstock yesterday, and I think Roxy really LOVED getting her picture taken at the Modern Life Pets booth.  We have always known that Roxy was a rock star, but now we have proof!  Roxy was one of the first dogs waiting in line for her picture to be snapped!  Amber and Matt, who are the photographers behind Modern Life Pets are also customers of ours and Roxy gets really excited every time Amber comes in our lobby!  Did I mention that Roxy loves to pose for the camera?

Have a great day!


What a turnout!

Linden Hills Woofstock Wow!  What a turnout today at Linden Hills Woofstock!  I am not a record kepper, but I would say it was the busiest year yet!! As a Linden Hills resident, I really love to give back to the community in which we live which is why this is our 2nd year sponsoring it!!  On a weekly basis we visit many of the stores in Linden Hills and really do call it our backyard and Woofstock is a great event!! We had an "old school" photo booth at the event, and everyone LOVED it!!  We also had the warm water dog wash with all money raised going to the Pet Project.

Those of you who came out to Woofstock might have picked up on something new that Trycia and I have in the works.  If you walked down the street, outside the Dunn Brothers you might have noticed a dog wash called Bubbly Paws and it was staffed by PPP employees.  Well, we are starting a self service dog wash that will be located at Excelsior and Grand in St Louis Park.  The construction has started and everything should be completed by November 1st.  We are very excited for this new adventure.  This does not mean that the PPP will take back seat, and we will still be at the PPP just as much as we are now.  The PPP will always be run as a family business where you know the owners and get a warm "home like" setting.  This will be just a fun new adventure that we can do on the side.  It was funny to watch peoples reactions when they saw me standing behind the table.  We did not want to mention this to anyone yet because it was not a "done deal", but it is official and it will be pretty sweet!  We also have something in the works for all of our loyal PPP customers when Bubbly Paws opens.  Details soon :)

Ok, time for a quick nap, then we are off to see Wicked!

Have a good night!

Getting ready for a BIG weekend

Jackson the black lab Today I spent most of the afternoon getting ready for a big event weekend!! This weekend Pampered Pooch Playground is the "Top Dog" sponsor of the Linden Hills Woofstock.  This is one of my favorite dog events of the year an this is the reason we are sponsoring it 2 years in a row!  Woofstock is actually one of the reasons that we moved to Linden Hills!  Stop out at the Pampered Pooch Playground booth and have your picture taken in our "old school" photo booth.  We are also sponsoring the warm water dog wash with all the money raised going to the Pet Project.  While you are there make sure you stop over and check out all of our friends businesses.  Bubbly Paws Self Service Dog Wash, Modern Life Photography, Sidewalk Dog, Sarah Beth Photography, K9- Connection.  All of these are great LOCAL business that we love to work with.  Make sure to stop over and say hi, and pick up some of the goodies we have :)

Trycia spent the morning taking new pictures of the daycare dogs!  For the new pictures, make sure to check out our September photo gallery!

Have a good night!


Gracie and her spa day

gracie the miniature schnauzerToday Gracie (miniature schnauzer) stopped in for her spa and grooming appointment with Tami our groomer.  I walked back to check on Gracie after her bath and she was hanging out in the dryer and she seemed to love having the air blow on her.  She looked so happy!  Gracie belongs to Sarah, who runs Sarah Beth Photography.  After she picked up gracie, we went out for dinner with us while Gracie and Roxy stayed at our house.  We ate at Cafe 28 which is down the street from our house in Linden Hills and we saw the banners she designed for Woofstock.  We are really excited to be a sponsor of this great event.  Side note about Sarah Beth.. Mention the PPP and you save 10% on a session. Have a great night!


What a Weekend!

KodaWow, What a weekend for Pampered Pooch Playground!! Saturday we sponsored Woofstock in Linden Hills and it was a great success, and their best turnout they have ever had!  We had our warm water dog wash along with Sidewalk Dog, and K9 Connection, we washed over 50 dogs in 2 hours and raised a bunch of money for People for Parks.  It was great to see so many of our dogs out and about at this great event! Koda (in the Picture) is a Great Dane and Lab mix who was staying over this weekend in our Hotel.  Erin, one of our managers thinks Koda is showing the other dogs how to recycle!

On a side note, tonight Trycia and I went to dinner with a great group of people on the Tour De Farm.  The concept is that everything you consume for dinner is 100% organic, and raised locally on family farms.  The dinner takes place out on the farm and it is an amazing time and you get to meet the people that grow and raise your meal!  There is one more of these great events this year and I strongly suggest getting a few friends together and checking it out.

Have a good night!