What is Skijoring?

This winter Trycia and myself took up cross country skiing, and our next step is to start skijoring with Roxy.  This is basically cross country skiing with 1-3 dogs tied to your waist and pulling you.  Yesterday we took Roxy to the the City Of Lake Loppet in Uptown in Minneapolis to check out the skijoring, and it's not just for big dogs.  We saw plenty of little guys doing it as well.  We saw yorkies and cavaliers working hard!  It was a great time.  Below is a video from yesterday!

The Loppet

Today Trycia, Roxy and I went to the Loppet at Lake of the Isles.  We watched the Skijoring which was so much fun to see.  I would love to see if Roxy would do it.  For those of you that don't know what Skijoring is, I made a quick video.  While we were there, we saw Roxy's younger brother Charlie.  They played for a few minutes, then we joined up with Roxy's Bff (Bindi and her family) and went to look at the snow sculptures.  It was a great time and the weather was great! Have a great weekend, and make sure to check out the Twin Cites Puppy Bowl.