mall of america

What a fun event today!

Yummy dog treats at the mall of america today Today, Trycia and I got up early and headed to the Home For Life "Doggone Early Dog Walk" at the Mall of America.  There were a bunch of happy dogs walking around Nickelodeon Universe with their owners.  We had a bunch of dog treat bags, and one of the great danes was so excited that he did not have to jump on the table to get it.  He just walked up and his head happened to be the right height :)

This afternoon we started a fun and new exciting project for the doggy daycare.  I don't want to ruin what is about to happen, but I think many of you will be really happy.  Details very, very soon!

Have a fun night.


Great Customer Service

This weekend some of Trycia's family came to visit and I took all the kids to meet the dogs.  They loved all the dogs that we intorduced them to, but really loved Coco the Chihuahua and Skippy the  Doodle. After we left the PPP, we went to the Mall of America (I guess when you are from out of town and under 12 years old, it is a cool place to go).  They even had their picture taken with the Minnesota Viking Cheerleaders! We stopped at Tucci Benucch for lunch and they went over the top with accomodating us.  2 of the kids have allergies to foods, so they printed up a special menu just for them and made them feel just as special as any other guest.  A the PPP we try to do it the same way, as I feel outstanding service is a lost art.

Have a good Sunday.