The Calm before the Storm

Dog Daycare DogsToday we spent most of the day making sure everything is ready for the Thanksgiving weekend.  Our hotel is full and we went through today to make sure everything was in place for all of the dogs checking in.  If you are looking for boarding between now and January 1st make sure to make a reservation ASAP, since we fill up fast. Are you on our email list?  Did you get the email with our Black Friday deals?  If not, they are on our daycare page.  These deals are good on Friday, only.

In the picture, are Duncan (mastiff) and Mila (Australian Sheppard mix).  They took some time out from playing to rest next to each other.

Have a good night.


Say hello to Duncan who is a is a mastiff puppy and one of the larger dogs that comes to doggie daycare.  Today I was standing in the play area and Duncan was standing under Otis who is a great dane.  It was really the strangest thing I have ever seen, and I really wanted to run grab my camera, but knew that by the time I got back the photo opportunity would be gone.  They stood like this for about 3 minutes. Trycia was everywhere taking pictures today, make sure you check the November photo gallery for your pooch.

Have a good night.