metro dogs

Lebron comes to Minneapolis!

A Big PPP welcome to Lebron the pug who has been spending the night boarding in our pooch hotel. He has been having fun playing with all of his friends in Wagger Way. I was at the PPP yesterday working the afternoon shift and I LOVE the feel of a Sunday at the Pooch!  It is laid back and it is so much fun to watch all the owners come and pick up their dogs.  The dogs are always so happy to see their owners ;)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


All New PPP!

Late last night our web design team launched our new website. There are still a few minor bugs that are getting worked out, but they did amazing work! This morning while checking in doggy daycare dogs, I was updating our website. Let us know what you think. We are really excited for PPP V 2.0. Samantha was one of the doggy daycare dogs that was playing with everyone in the Ruff House. She had lots of fun with all of her friends today! Have a great night.


2 years!

Today was our 2 year anniversary and I spent some of the afternoon in the "Waggers Way" play area talking to Vanessa who was one of one of out firststaff members about how things have changed.  She remembers a day when Trycia called her to come in early because we had 9 dogs and needed extra help!  Now we are able to look back and laugh at that.  One thing that we have really tried hard to do in the past 2 years is to always make sure we are having fun, and taking excellent care of our the dogs,our customers and our staff.  Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 22nd from noon-2pm for our 1 year anniversary party!  More details will follow soon. You might have noticed our new outside area.  We are very excited for this area, and today was the first full day of use and the dogs really loved it!  The grass is recycled from an old baseball stadium and we are one of the first daycares in the country to do this.  Brandy (in the picture) was one of the dogs that had so much fun outside today!  Brandy was also one of our first dogs that came to doggy daycare when we first opened!

Have a great night.