Presents for Pooches


We have teamed up with our sister business, Bubbly Paws and our friends at Westgate Pet Clinic to raise money, food and treats for Good Karma Animal Rescue.  All food and treats need to be un-opened. Starting Friday, November 24th until January 1st you can make donations in our lobby at Pampered Pooch Playground or online by clicking here.  If you donate $50 online, by clicking here you will receive a $5 gift card to Bubbly Paws

Blue-Green Algae Warning

Here is some important information from the KARE 11 Website.  

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) confirmed Monday that it was blue-green algae toxins that resulted in the death of a Douglas County dog last week. The death was reported to Douglas County Sheriff's deputies last Thursday.

Steven Heiskary, a research scientist at the MPCA, confirmed that the toxins killed the canine. In 2014, the MPCA received reports of three dog deaths due to blue-green algae toxins. One of the toxins attacks the liver while the other attacks the brain.

"The danger here is that both of these toxins are very dangerous," said Dr. Ahna Brutlag, Associate Director of Veterinary Services at Pet Poison Hot Line. "So, it does not take an ingestion of very much water with blue-green algae in it to potentially be fatal to an animal or certainly to cause very significant sickness."

"Blue-green blooms are common in Minnesota," said Heiskary. "We cannot predict exactly which ones are toxic and which ones are not. As for the actual dog deaths, these are not real common."

Both Brutlag and Heiskary said the best way for owners to prevent danger from the toxins to their pets is to keep them out of water with blue-green algae. Typically, the water takes on a pea-soup green color and is no longer clear.

"Keep the pets out. Keep the kids out, just under those kinds of conditions," said Heiskary.

Brutlag pointed out that time is critical when a dog becomes ill after drinking or swimming in water with the algae. Pet owners can contact the Pet Poison Helpline at www.petpoisonhelpline.com or 1-800-213-6680 or rush the pet to a veterinary clinic immediately, day or night.

Back from the Bloggers Conference

Pugs at Doggy Daycare in Minneapolis, MN I don't know if I consider myself a professional blogger, but i attended the Minnesota Bloggers Conference yesterday and I had lots of fun and learned some great new things. When I first walked in, it was like the first day of school all over!  Where do you sit?  Who are your friends?  I was amazed with how many bloggers there are in the Twin Cities and the wide range of blogs!

As you might have guessed, social media plays a huge part in our businesses and in our personal life.  All of the speakers were great, but I was talking to a guy that owned a small business and he was asking how we value our Facebook fans, and what the ROI was for each fan.  This is when I realized that he did not understand social media one bit.  My eyes started to glaze over when he was asking how to make money on Facebook for his business. I responded with "We will never put a price tag on our fans or customers, people fan us because they like us".  You could tell he was just so confused.  Oh well..

There were so many great sessions and I actually learned lots! You might start to see a few changes on our website soon!

Have a good weekend!




Random PPP facts

A local rescue asked for some random facts about Pampered Pooch Playground and Bubbly Paws.  So I put them together, and thought I would share them with you....

- The first dog to come to Pampered Pooch Playground was a german shepherd / st. bernard mix named Bindi, who quickly became Roxy's BFF!  Bindi was waiting at 6:45am the first day we opened and came every day for 2 years and still randomly pops in.

- The slogan of Bubbly Paws Dog Wash "Our Soap Is Dope" was created over a text message conversation with Sarah Beth Photography while we were at Pizzeria Lola (super dog friendly) eating and drinking.

- The first boxer to come to Pampered Pooch Playground 4 years ago when we opened was a rescue from Minnesota Boxer Rescue (Pickler).

- Before opening Pampered Pooch Playground Keith worked in radio for 11 years (chicago, des moines, cincinnati and minneapolis).  He produced the Moon and Staci show on KS95 for 4 years.  Both Moon and Staci were in our wedding party.

- The idea for Bubbly Paws Dog Wash came from a customer of Pampered Pooch Playground who complained that there was no place where he could bathe his dog.

- Pampered Pooch Playground was the first doggy daycare to have an iPhone, Droid and Blackberry app where customers can watch their dogs play.

- A large part of the Pampered Pooch Playground and Bubbly Paws business model is to give back to local dog rescues!

There ya go..
Have a good night.

Roxy’s 9 days of Christmas – Day 7

Pet Haven Minnesota2011 is going to be here before you know it and everyone will need a new calendar.  We have the Pet Haven calendars for sale in our lobby for $15.  All of this money is donated directly to Pet Haven.   Pet Haven is one of the dog rescues that we work closely with and we are proud to help them out! Day 1 - 10% off all Bella Bean Collars

Day 2- Topline Canine shampoo/conditioner - $7/bottle

Day 3- Zukes treats - $1 off

Day 4- Barkology clothing- $5 off

Day 5 - Poop Bags - $6/box

Day 6- Mimi Green collars - 10% off

Day 7- Pet Haven Calendars

A long fun day

Ellie the BeagleToday we had our 3rd dog wash at the Galaxy Drive In and raised over $420 for the Minnesota Boxer rescue.  One of our core values of Pampered Pooch Playground is to give back to the local dog community in various ways.  Tonight we had lots of fun washing over 85 dogs! Ellie the beagle is one of the dogs that has been a regular face at the PPP for doggie daycare for the past 2 years and tonight after daycare her mom brought her to the dog wash down the street. Ellie is very well known around the daycare for wearing a different bandanna each time she comes!

Have a great night.


Frost, Cody and Brett Favre

The big news today is that Brett Favre is coming back to the Minnesota Vikings and our Brett Favre contest is back on.  If you get Brett to stop into our lobby and mention you name you get a 20 day package for doggy daycare.  If he stops in and mentions your name while wearing a Minnesota Vikings OR Green Bay Packers jersey, you will get a 30 day package.  When we announced this contest on our Facebook page earlier today, Mike (one of our customers) asked what happens if he comes in with his walker?  Well, if that happens you will get a free bath for your pooch in addition to the other prizes!  Have fun! Today Trycia was taking more pictures at doggy daycare and they are all in the August Photo Gallery.  I think one of my favorites was with Frost (white German Shepard) and Cody (Golden Retriever) laying in one of the pools together!

Have a good night.


New Clothing

This past week we got a new delivery of clothing from Barkology from their spring catalog!  Some of the older items are on "sale" for 30% off. Speaking of spring, today was a beautiful day to enjoy being outside.  We went around Lake Calhoun with Roxy and her best friend Bindi (and her parents).  Both dogs LOVE the snow, and they will be really sad to see it go.

One final note.  My good friend Staci Matthews who hosts the afternoon show on KS95, just released a cool new book called Girlz In White Dresses.  Basically it is girls wearing wedding dresses in crazy places.  Many of my friends are featured in it (and if you look carefully you will see me in the background).

Hope everyone is able to enjoy a fun weekend with the warmer weather.