minnesota vikings

Great Customer Service

This weekend some of Trycia's family came to visit and I took all the kids to meet the dogs.  They loved all the dogs that we intorduced them to, but really loved Coco the Chihuahua and Skippy the  Doodle. After we left the PPP, we went to the Mall of America (I guess when you are from out of town and under 12 years old, it is a cool place to go).  They even had their picture taken with the Minnesota Viking Cheerleaders! We stopped at Tucci Benucch for lunch and they went over the top with accomodating us.  2 of the kids have allergies to foods, so they printed up a special menu just for them and made them feel just as special as any other guest.  A the PPP we try to do it the same way, as I feel outstanding service is a lost art.

Have a good Sunday.


Vikings and Packers Day

Wow, it was great to see all of the dogs and owners that got into this great day at Pampered Pooch Playground.  All of the dogs had a great time wearing their purple or green bandannas to support their favorite team!  We had a split family, where dad loved the Packers, and the mom loved the Vikings.  Good thing that they have 2 dogs and each dog could support one team.  Also, the Sidewalkdog.com blimp webcam was a huge hit, and we might have to fly it more often!  We did have about twice the number of dogs supporting the vikings.  Our staff was pretty much split down the middle.  Check out our photo gallery page, we will have the pictures up soon. The highlight of the day was KARE 11 news stopping out.  You can watch the story below.


Pre-game Tailgate with the PPP

packers-vikesMonday, October 5th is the big Monday Night Football game with the Minnesota Vikings and the Green Bay Packers.  This is one day that you will not want to miss at doggy daycare.  As each dog comes in, they will get to decide if they are a Vikings pooch or a Packers pooch, and will receive a bandanna to show their pride!  Throughout the day, we will keep track of which team has more pooches on their side, and you will also be able to see for yourself on our webcams.  At the end of the day, we will have a special pooch tailgate package that all daycare dogs will go home with.  All pooches are encouraged to come wearing their favorite teams colors.  There will also be random prizes given away for "best cheerleader" , "best touchdown dance", and others.  Make sure you have a reservation for this special day at doggy daycare.  More details about this event will be added as we line them up.