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Valentines Day Pictures

Valentiens day dog picturesAbout a week ago, we had one of our good friends and customers, Amber , from Modern Life Photo come in and take Valentines Day pictures of the dogs!  Check out her blog post with some pictures!  Thanks Amber!!  Amber is doggy mom to Roxy and Rowdy, the 2 white boxers that are always in the Ruff House. Have a good night!


Getting ready for a BIG weekend

Jackson the black lab Today I spent most of the afternoon getting ready for a big event weekend!! This weekend Pampered Pooch Playground is the "Top Dog" sponsor of the Linden Hills Woofstock.  This is one of my favorite dog events of the year an this is the reason we are sponsoring it 2 years in a row!  Woofstock is actually one of the reasons that we moved to Linden Hills!  Stop out at the Pampered Pooch Playground booth and have your picture taken in our "old school" photo booth.  We are also sponsoring the warm water dog wash with all the money raised going to the Pet Project.  While you are there make sure you stop over and check out all of our friends businesses.  Bubbly Paws Self Service Dog Wash, Modern Life Photography, Sidewalk Dog, Sarah Beth Photography, K9- Connection.  All of these are great LOCAL business that we love to work with.  Make sure to stop over and say hi, and pick up some of the goodies we have :)

Trycia spent the morning taking new pictures of the daycare dogs!  For the new pictures, make sure to check out our September photo gallery!

Have a good night!


One Tired Pooch

We have 2 white boxers named Roxy and Rowy that come on a regular basis to dog daycare.  Today was no exception, and Roxy and Rowdy played in the "Ruff House".  Tonight their parents sent me a picture of Rowdy passed out on their bed.  So cute!  Roxy and Rowdy's parents run modern life photography! It was sad to see so many of our hotel dogs go home today.  Some of them were with us for a bunch of nights!  Starting tomorrow, things should be back to normal with the daycare ;)

Have a good night.


This one's for Rowdy

Rowdy and AmberWe have 2 white boxers that come to doggy daycare very often and they always are excited to walk in the door.  Roxy (who is deaf) and Rowdy both have tons of energy and very rarely take a break from daycare.  Rowdy has torn his ACL and needed to have surgery.  Their parents have been spoiling both of the boxers for the past few days, and today Rowdy went in for surgery.  The surgery is the easy part, try keeping him calm for the next 3 months!!  Roxy and Rowdy's parents made a website so you can track his recovery, check out  I think i am just as nervous as their parents are.  I really do think all of the dogs that come in the building are part of our family and I worry about each one of them.  I just talked to Rowdy and Roxy's parents and his surgery went well.  I know they will talk more about it on their blog. Have a good night.


What a great Photo Shoot

legs and roxy

Roxy Close UpSo many of our customers has amazing talents and we just had a great photo shoot a few weeks ago with Roxy and Rowdy's parents, Amber and Matt Johnson of Modern Life Photography.  Roxy and Rowdy are pretty regular faces around the daycare and they are the only 2 white boxers that come to play.  They met us at our house and then we went a few blocks away to Lake Harriet to take pictures with Roxy.  Today he sent me the pictures and they turned out amazing!  Roxy really loves the camera and she knows how to work it :)

Have a great weekend!